Spider-Woman’s New Threads

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Is this the new superhero couture?

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Comics Korner: Wolf Moon #1

cover for wolfmoon 1

Vertigo’s exciting new horror series, Wolf Moon, is about a hunter chasing an ever changing monster.

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Fanboy Factor Podcast Episode 28: Mid-Season Finale Report

wpid-fanboy-factor-banner.jpg.jpegWith the days dwindling to the holidays, Brian Isaacs and your friendly neighborhood jman unpack the day’s headlines.

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Michael Pitt Won’t Be Back for Hannibal Season 3

mason-verger-featOne familiar face will not be returning for the third season of NBC’s Hannibal.

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Netflix Daredevil is Back in Black

daredevil-featMarvel and Netflix are really sold on Daredevil’s “Year One” look.  Glad somebody is.

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Eldor Brings the MOTU Magic To Preternia

MOTUC-Eldor-featPreternia’s great wizard makes for another strong addition to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics.

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Dr. Evil Returns!

dr-evil-featThe OG bad guy takes Sony and North Korea to school on SNL.

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PreviewsWorld New Weekly Releases for 12/24/2014

DIAMOND-LOGO-colorCheck out what is shipping to local comic shops from Diamond Comics.

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Comics Korner: Rot and Ruin #4

Rot & Ruin #4 featured
What is the price for a future worth living in?

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Comics Korner: The Flash: Season Zero #8

Flash bannerA pile of inconsistencies makes the finale of the Flash: Season Zero’s Freak Show arc feel like a desperate dash to the finish line.

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