Dark Horse Announces New York Comic Con 2016 Exclusives

got-nycc-bust-dark-horseDark Horse is proud to announce its selection of exclusive merchandise for New York Comic Con 2016! Continue reading “Dark Horse Announces New York Comic Con 2016 Exclusives” »

LEGO Dimensions Expands Today!

a-team-dimensionsLEGO Dimensions Gets Even Bigger with New Expansion Packs Based on Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter and The A-Team. Continue reading “LEGO Dimensions Expands Today!” »

First Look: Star Wars Rogue One Series One

rogue-one-375-wave-one-kastors-kornerThe first wave of new Star Wars figures from Hasbro welcomes Rogue One to the plastic galaxy.

Continue reading “First Look: Star Wars Rogue One Series One” »

Gotham 302- Fish Goes Full-Deadpool

gotham-302The plot of Deadpool is basically the motivation of Fish in the second episode of season three. Continue reading “Gotham 302- Fish Goes Full-Deadpool” »

Minimate Mondays: Cyclops & Banshee

cyclops-banshee-minimates-kastors-kornerThe final set includes the X-men leader and the voice from the Irish Isles.  Continue reading “Minimate Mondays: Cyclops & Banshee” »

Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird

thunderbird-wolverine-minimates-kastors-kornerThe powerhouses of the team, Wolverine Thunderbird, headline this set with striking colors but no accessories.  Continue reading “Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird” »

Superman Is Ready For Action

supermanIn the newest CW Supergirl preview Superman shows off his skills and personality.  Continue reading “Superman Is Ready For Action” »

Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler

colossus-nightcrawler-minimates-kastors-kornerOur second Minimate Monday gallery takes a look at the man of steel skin and the disappearing demon.  Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler” »

All New Star Wars Store Exclusives From Hasbro

star-wars-the-black-series-shadow-trooper-helmetLess than week until Force Friday and Hasbro has released some info on new store exclusives. Continue reading “All New Star Wars Store Exclusives From Hasbro” »

Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire


Our first gallery today of the newest wave of X-men Minimates is Storm and Sunfire. The Lightning vs the Fire! Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire” »