Gotham 302- Fish Goes Full-Deadpool

gotham-302The plot of Deadpool is basically the motivation of Fish in the second episode of season three. Continue reading “Gotham 302- Fish Goes Full-Deadpool” »

Minimate Mondays: Cyclops & Banshee

cyclops-banshee-minimates-kastors-kornerThe final set includes the X-men leader and the voice from the Irish Isles.  Continue reading “Minimate Mondays: Cyclops & Banshee” »

Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird

thunderbird-wolverine-minimates-kastors-kornerThe powerhouses of the team, Wolverine Thunderbird, headline this set with striking colors but no accessories.  Continue reading “Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird” »

Superman Is Ready For Action

supermanIn the newest CW Supergirl preview Superman shows off his skills and personality.  Continue reading “Superman Is Ready For Action” »

Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler

colossus-nightcrawler-minimates-kastors-kornerOur second Minimate Monday gallery takes a look at the man of steel skin and the disappearing demon.  Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler” »

All New Star Wars Store Exclusives From Hasbro

star-wars-the-black-series-shadow-trooper-helmetLess than week until Force Friday and Hasbro has released some info on new store exclusives. Continue reading “All New Star Wars Store Exclusives From Hasbro” »

Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire


Our first gallery today of the newest wave of X-men Minimates is Storm and Sunfire. The Lightning vs the Fire! Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire” »

Two Flashes are better than one, in the Flash’s newest trailer.


Barry and Wally are one in the same for the “Run Devil Run” Teaser of The Flash’s third season premiere.

Continue reading “Two Flashes are better than one, in the Flash’s newest trailer.” »

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition (Hardcover) Slipcase Set Review


Available in print for the first time since it’s Kickstarter concluded on June 29, 2013, The Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Slipcase Set is insanely close to perfect.

Continue reading “Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition (Hardcover) Slipcase Set Review” »

Karai & Armaggon Join Playmates’ TMNT Collection


Playmates Toys brings two great new action figures to their Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line.

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