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Lincoln One Sheet Revealed

We get a simple, classy first poster for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

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MOTU Vykron Is A Dressed-Up Mess

Vykron, being a dress-up set memorializing the original pitch for what became Masters of the Universe, was a very appropriate and ambitious set for the 30th anniversary. The tank armor, the viking garb, and space man attire can each be applied to a base body to create unique looks for a new character: Vykron, the Ultimate Eternian Champion. Is this $30 set greater than the sum of his front-covering parts?

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NECA’s Friday the 13th Figures are a Cut Above the Rest

While they’ve tackled various iterations of slasher extraordinaire Jason Voorhees previously, the first series in NECA’s new Friday the 13th line consists of two Jason sculpts specifically modeled after his appearance in the third film.  Beautifully detailed and a blast to play around with, these pieces are easily some of the best figures to ever make use of the license.

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Live Action Jack Kirby? Silver Surfer, Rock Opera??

Secret stories from the Marvel Universe– and the Bullpen– come to light on my new favorite Facebook page.

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Hit and Run Entertains A Mile A Minute

Dax Shepard’s directorial debut features a fantastic mix of raunchy comedy, romantic chemistry and some surprisingly solid action.

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Ra’s al Ghul Brings The Dark Knight Movie Masters Full Circle

Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul is the final figure in the Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters collection, and he’s the perfect character to complete the Batsignal… and Mattel’s movie series.

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Movie Masters Batman Gets A New Sidekick

Expect to compete with some twentysomething fangirls in addition to the Hot Wheels guys in the toy aisle– Joseph Gordon Levitt’s got his own action figure.

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A “Visionary” Idea For Avengers 2

A fan-made sculpture is bringing to light what could make for the coolest twist yet in Marvel’s cinematic universe.

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Valiant Solicitations for November 2012

The good people at Valiant have released a sneak peek at the cover art for their upcoming titles this November, including the insanely cool pullbox exclusive and variants for the highly-anticipated first issue of Shadowman.  Take a look at the incredible artwork they’ve put together and tell me you wouldn’t pick these issues up based on the covers alone.
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Darksiders II Takes You To Hell and Back

Vigil Games has delivered Darksiders II, a sequel that builds on the franchise’s mythology while expanding on the scope and playability of its predecessor.  With publisher THQ suffering from recent financial woes that prompted studio closures and layoffs, is this game the hit they need?

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