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TV Korner: American Horror Story Asylum 2.4 – “I Am Anne Frank: Part 1”

Aliens! Crazy inmates!  Serial killers!  And now, Nazis– Why not??

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General Rattlor Is Ready To Strike

The Snake Men gains their general, Rattlor as part of this month’s Club Eternia subscription, but while he looks amazing, the former Snake Man is marred by poor logistic concerns, like his two fellow October figures.
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Bishoujo Harley Quinn Is Crazy, Cute

The latest DC Bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya brings us The Joker’s main squeeze Harley Quinn, with two display options and one big mallet.

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Temple of Darkness Sorceress Is A Great Variant

Temple of Darkness Sorceress is Mattel’s Power Con/ New York Comic Con exclusive for 2012, and while she may be seen as a straight-up Sorceress repaint, there are a couple of changes that fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how much you love the original) improve on the first Sorceress.  She loses her bird form and perch, but she does come with an impressive new podium for King Grayskull’s Orb of Power. This alone moves the toy beyond a mere redeco and definitely merits a purchase. Please read on as to why.

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Let’s Hope GI Joe Retaliation Is As Good As This Trailer

Is there any way the GI Joe sequel can actually be as good as the trailers make it look?

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Poison Ivy Finally Plants Herself In Mattel’s DC Universe

Poison Ivy is one of the last major Batman villains to appear in Mattel’s DC Universe collection, but the plant-based eco-terrorist makes her debut as the October figure in the Club Infinite Earths series.

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Who’s In Hasbro’s Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Set?

A listing for a new, previously-unannounced team pack in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe collection has fans wondering which three West Coast Avengers we will see at retail.

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Hobbitt Poster Overload!

Peter Jackson’s increasingly indulgent Hobbit trilogy releases 17(!) new character posters.

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Comics Korner: Shadowman #1 Review

Comic fans are in for a treat this Wednesday when the newly relaunched Shadowman finally hits shelves.  One of Valiant’s flagship titles in the early nineties, the license was adapted into two best-selling video games and there’s even a feature film in the works.  With an established fanbase waiting with bated breath and the potential to reach an entirely new generation of readers, Valiant has a lot to gain with this series – their first since the initial quartet of titles spawned during the “Summer of Valiant” launch event.

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TV Korner: The Walking Dead 3.4 – “Killer Within”

Just as Glen utters the words “Can’t we just have one good day?” this week’s installment of The Walking Dead shows that there are no good days when the dead rise to kill the living. What goes around, comes around… After this episode the first person to say that to Rick just might get a machete to the head. Want to know why? Find out inside. 

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