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Borderlands 2: Load Up On Guns, Bring Your Friends

“Helloooo Traveler!” Gearbox’s highly-anticipated, shoot & loot adventure has returned to save you from the drudgery of your menial life; providing an action-packed (and largely hilarious) experience that’s impossibly easy to get lost in.  The developers have taken every aspect of their already stellar 2009 sleeper hit and improved upon them, often subtly and sometimes by retooling entire mechanics.  The result is one of the greatest cooperative shooters ever conceived and a clear frontrunner for game-of-the-year.

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Earth One Gets a Batman

Batman: Earth-One, the follow up to Goeff Johns’s Superman: Earth-One, reinvents the Dark Knight for the modern world. This is the re-imagination of the classic tale takes Gotham’s protector down a whole new road, and gives some other classic Gotham characters a new twist. DC has tried in the past to try to cash in on what Marvel had done in the Ultimate Universe, but has never been successful, until the Earth-One Graphic Novels.  Continue reading “Earth One Gets a Batman” »

Bubbles Are Carried Off By A Swiftwind

Since He-Man has Battle Cat, it’s only natural for She-Ra to have her trusty steed Swift Wind. But unlike He-Man, she had a bigger obstacle than a lack of stirrups. Needing a new She-Ra to sit on her winged unicorn, we were given the quarterly variant Bubble Power She-Ra. Would she sit? Does Swift Wind give 6” fans a great articulated horse? One really has to look at these two as a matched set, and a set they need to be, because they are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

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DC Collectibles Reveals New York Comic Con Exclusives

DC Collectibles (nee, DC Direct) has revealed a pair of exclusives coming to New York Comic Con next month.

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Thoughts On Mattel’s Reveals At Power Con

Power Con had a menagerie of new characters. Unfortunately, not being there gives one a perspective not found with the in-crowd seeing each new discovery with rose-colored glasses. I do enjoy the Masters of the Universe line as a whole, but I have come to the realization that the toys will never come out the way the Four Horsemen had intended. While I do love what was revealed, I do have some initial misgivings on the reveals– I will say it is not love at first sight, but rather cautious optimism.

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Dredd 3D Kicks Ass

The classic 2000 AD anti-hero gets a new life on the big screen, and the result is a delightfully bloody, gun-toting good time.

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Who Knew Spikor Would Be One MOTU’s Best?

Spikor is a very peripheral character for me. I never owned the original, nor was I even interested in the toy. This made his Classics figure a special surprise for me, given his blank slate status– beneath this spiny purple exterior is an interesting backstory, a unique specialty among the evil warriors, and just the right amount of accessories. Spikor is a toy that really stretched the $20 budget in exactly the right ways. He was not without flaws, however, but the issues he had went beyond this July’s MOTUC addition.
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Comics Korner: Week of 9/19/12

Daredevil returns this week after a fairly long break, but makes the wait worth it by being ridiculously awesome. Also this week, we get a classic Wonder Woman story and an eventful issue of Before Watchmen: Nite Owl.

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Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Vested”

The fiery ending of the season opener of Sons of Anarchy was only the beginning of the excitement for season 5. Episode 2 give fan more questions to ponder as season 5 unfolds.   Continue reading “Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Vested”” »

Lots Of Little Looks At American Horror Story: Asylum

FX has been fast and furious in releasing teaser trailers for American Horror Story: Asylum, the second season of Ryan Murphy’s creepy, campy and vampy thriller.

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