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Amazing Spider-Man Legends Are Worth Checking Out

The Amazing Spider-Man gets a Legends series that’s, well, Amazing.  Or is it Legendary?

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The Horde Grows By One and a Half

September gives us two new Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and both of them come from the same faction! The Horde has been building nicely with Hordak, Grizzlor, and Force Captain Catra. The energy-draining Leech and the quarterly variant Hurricane Hordak join them. Each come with their own pluses and minuses, but let’s see how the scales tip, overall. Continue reading “The Horde Grows By One and a Half” »

Marvel Phase One Box Set Delayed Until Spring 2013, For A Dumb Reason

The 10-disc deluxe Marvel film set is on hiatus, and the reason is so ridiculous you’d swear this is Loki pulling a trick on us.

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Mark Waid at Baltimore Comic Con 2012

While we’ve made it a point to update our readers on the latest Thrillbent happenings regularly, this time we have a special treat: a bunch of updates about new and upcoming titles, a dedicated app and more, straight from the mouth of recent Harvey Award winner Mark Waid at his Baltimore Comic Con panel.

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The New Green Lantern

The newest member of the Green Lantern Corps is getting his own figure from DC Collectibles. Will this new Lantern get collectors to flock to stores like the big hitters of the DC universe?

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Valiant Steals the Show at Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Valiant’s panel at Baltimore Comic Con was the place to be for big announcements and sheer fan enthusiasm.  In attendance were (from left to right) Marketing & Communications Manager Hunter Gorinson, Executive Editor Warren Simons, Writer of Archer & Armstrong Fred Van Lente, Writer of X-O Manowar Robert Venditti, Writer of Bloodshot Duane Swierczynski, Writer of Harbinger Josh Dysart, X-O Manowar Artist Cary Nord, and Writer of the upcoming Shadowman, Justin Jordan.  After some quick introductions, each writer had a chance to discuss what the future holds for their books.

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Kastor’s Korner Chats with Archer & Armstrong’s Fred Van Lente

After Valiant’s big reveal that the Eternal Warrior would be returning to their universe, debuting in the pages of Archer & Armstrong, we managed to catch A&A writer and all-around-nice-guy Fred Van Lente between his panel appearances for a quick chat.  Check out what he had to say about his work on the series and what’s in store for the near future.

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Comics Korner: Harbinger #4 Review

In yet another stellar offering from Valiant, Harbinger #4 serves as a major turning point in the story as the series continues to delve into darker territory with each issue.  We are also formally introduced to a character who will soon have a major effect on the Valiant Universe.

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Comics Korner: X-O Manowar #5 Review

Next week’s much-anticipated issue of X-O Manowar is nearly here and it’s utterly brilliant.  Laced with tragedy and filled with explosive action, this book demands your attention all the way to the heart-pounding cliffhanger ending.

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Valiant Unveils a Color Preview of Shadowman #1

Valiant’s first new release since the four titles that made up the show-stopping “Summer of Valiant” lineup hits shelves on November 7th and it looks amazing.  Shadowman was one of their most successful franchises in its initial run and, if this preview is any indication, the relaunch is destined for greatness.

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