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Comics Korner: Harbinger #3 and Bloodshot #2 Reviews

With all four of their initial titles having hit the shelves with tremendously successful and exciting relaunches, Valiant has proven that they’re back at the top of their game.  The creative teams are now saddled with the challenging task of keeping that intense momentum going month-to-month and, after reading this week’s offerings, I can happily say that they show no signs of slowing down.

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Loki’s Army Arrives In The Avengers Toy Line

Loki’s army can finally take on The Avengers action figures, with the new Cosmic Chariot deluxe set.

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Venture Bros Brock Samson Figure Review

Bif Bang Pow! brings the world of the Venture Bros to a new scale with two versions of Brock Samson making their debut at Comic Con.  The company’s Mego-style Retro figures have split fan reaction, but how does the new 3.75″ scale work out?

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SKYFALL Gets A Stylish Character Poster

Bond’s new cast goes all high fashion for their new character reveal banner.
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The GI Joe Club Figure Subscription Service Is Here!

It’s been a long way getting here, but the first, ever Figure Subscription Service by the GI Joe Collector’s Club is ready to launch…
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Mattel’s DC Unlimited Series Are Looking Pretty Great

The second wave of DC Unlimited and Batman Unlimited figures have been released, and they are pretty cool.
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David Vonner Heading To Jazwares Inc.

The man behind Marvel Universe has found a new home at Jazwares.

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Persona 4 Arena is an Excellent Addition to the Franchise

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, a JRPG series developed by Atlus, has become somewhat of genre staple over the years since the release of the first title in 1996.  Many fans were understandably skeptical when it was announced that the first new Persona title in nearly 4 years wouldn’t be a role-playing game at all, but rather an anime-styled fighter.  Luckily, Arc System Works has put any doubt to rest with the new Persona 4 Arena, which is not only a faithful addendum to Persona 4 and solid addition to the story’s narrative, it’s also one of the best fighting games available on home consoles.

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Comics Korner: The Creep #0 Review

With the likes of Batman, Batgirl, Daredevil, Gambit and Spider-Man all vying for your comics budget this week, you might have skipped over that one with the awesome black-and-white cover drawn by Frank Miller. If that was the case, you might want to plan a another trip to the comic shop soon, as The Creep #0 begins what’s sure to be an unmissable new series from Dark Horse.

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Bishoujo Storm Is A Striking Addition to the Collection

The X-Men’s weather-controlling heroine makes her debut in Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo collection with one of the company’s finest statues yet.

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