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GI Joe Retaliation Tread Ripper Review

The first wave of vehicles in the GI Joe Retaliation line suffered from extreme cost cutting, does the new Tread Ripper continue this trend?

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Shockwave HISS Tank May Be The Most Meta Toy Ever

Last year at Comic Con, Hasbro released a special edition Starscream deco on their awesome GI Joe Sky Striker jet, and the vehicle sold like crazy with its obvious appeal to both Joe and Transformers fans. Never one to pass up on a good idea, they came up with a second crossover figure for this year’s exclusive, and it’s one that manages to out-meta last year’s self-referential sell-out.

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Joss Whedon Is Onboard For Avengers 2

This week has been PACKED with awesome Marvel Studios news, and this is the best yet!

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SDCC 2012 – Venture Bros.

Once again, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, creators of Adult Swim’s Venture Bros, were on hand at Comic Con and took some time to discuss their upcoming Halloween special, Season 5 and why it’s impossible to make fun of GI Joe characters. Check out the Venture Bros. experience at Comic Con!

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Risen 2 Should Be Tossed Overboard and Keelhauled

Piranha Bytes developed the original Risen for PC and Xbox 360 back in 2009 to little fanfare.  A subpar RPG rife with technical problems, performance issues, and an abysmal console port, it was still surprisingly well-received by many gamers who were able to look past the lack of polish.  Now, nearly three years later, you’d think that the devs would have addressed and improved upon many of its predecessor’s missteps for the console release of Risen 2: Dark Waters, but you’d be dead wrong.  This pirate-themed adventure is about as much fun as a case of scabies and twice as ugly.

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Silent Hill Revelation Gets A Trailer

The Silent Hill sequel gets its first trailer.  I think it’s too early to tell if it will be a worthy successor, but at least it’s in 3D (sigh).

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Will X-Men Days Of Future Past’s Time Travel Restore The X-Franchise?

Producer Bryan Singer has revealed the next X-Men movie will be “Days of Future Past,” but will this movie go beyond adaptation and try to fix the long-suffering franchise from its own worst mistakes?

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Night Shadow Leonardo Is A Nice-Looking Disappointment

One of the last Comic Con exclusives t be revealed– and one I was most looking forward to– was the Night Shadow Leonardo, released to hype the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line by Playmates and Nickelodeon.  While the final product looks great, it’s plagued by so many drawbacks, both situational and practical, that I just can’t give Playmates a pass on this one.

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There’s A Lot To Love In The New Skyfall Trailer

Hot on the heels of the TV spot from the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the latest Bond movie gets a full theatrical trailer, and we get our best look at Skyfall thus far.

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DC Club Infinite Earths Unleashes The Big (Red) Guns

As the fate of the 2013 subscription is completely up in the air, Mattel’s July installment of DC Universe Club Infinite Earths have been released, including our first deluxe figure– Rocket Red.

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