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NECA’s Rocky Figures Are A Total Knockout

When it comes to modern classic movies, there aren’t many better than Rocky. And when it comes to making toys based on modern classic movies, there aren’t many better than NECA. So when great toy company meets great license, you know the results are going to be something special, and that’s what we get with the new Rocky series. Kicking things off with our two main fighters from the first movie, NECA brings fans the definitive toy versions of Rocky Baloboa and then-rival Apollo Creed, with the fantastic movie accuracy, perfectly realized articulation and overall coolness we’ve come to expect from them. Thanks to NECA we’ve got an up-close look at the first series of Rocky figures… check them out!
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BBTS News: TF, Avengers, TDKR, NECA, Play Arts Kai and more!

Big Bad Toy Store has released their weekly update of the latest new items in stock and some sweet new pre-orders. This week, you can place your orders for lots of new Transformers, NECA’s Prometheus line, new stuff from Kotobukiya, Play Arts Kai and more. Check out the full listing…

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Gravity Rush Review

I remember playing the Gravity Rush trial about four months ago on a PS Vita demo unit, and I remember making up my mind about buying one right then and there.  Among the stylish comic book cutscenes, the unique graphics and the completely cool gravity control mechanic, I was sold.  Now that I’ve had ample time to get used to the controls and fall in love with the game’s charming qualities, I can state with confidence that SCE Japan Studio has crafted one of the best games of the year, portable or otherwise.

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TRU’s Dark Knight Rises Two-Pack Is The Best Batman Movie Toy At Retail

Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters line gets a definite upgrade with a two-pack featuring new and greatly improved versions of Batman and Bane, and this set is totally worth checking out.

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Commissioner Gordon Is A “Smashing” Addition To Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises isn’t all about heroes and villains (and butlers)… there’s some real people in Gotham, too! And thanks to Wal-Mart, fans can now chase down the best cop GCPD has to offer, to join Batman’s team of allies.  Commissioner Gordon has returned to Movie Masters, and the new version is an absolute must-buy for Batman movie fans.

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Ninjak Returns in X-O Manowar #5

It would appear I jumped the gun in assuming Valiant would be announcing a standalone Ninjak series this September, but he will be debuting in September’s issue of X-O Manowar.  In what should be an exciting jumping-on point for new readers, X-O #5 will kick off a new story arc that will find Aric of Dacia (who has since returned to Earth) targeted by the ruthless intelligence agent.

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TriForce Unveils Their SDCC Catwoman Trophy

TriForce announced their San Diego Comic Con exclusive today – a 1:1 scale Catwoman version of their insanely cool riddler trophies.  Just like in Arkham City, the trophy will glow pink thanks to built in USB-powered LED effects (although, unlike the game, these will not electrocute you when you try to grab them).

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Catwoman Sneaks Into Dark Knight Rises’ Movie Masters

The latest figure to join the Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters collection is Catwoman, and Batman’s enigmatic foil/ ladyfriend is another solid addition to the series.

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Kotobukiya Reveals SDCC Bishoujo Exclusives

If you thought Kotobukiya wasn’t bringing any exclusives to Comic Con next month, you’re dead wrong. The company has revealed three SDCC exclusive Bishoujo figures that will be for sale at the Con, and there’s a lot to love with these ladies.  Get all the details on the SDCC editions of X-23, Storm and Tekken’s Alisa Bosconovich right now.

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The Bad Ninja Turtles Project Goes Back On The Shelf

Paramount has pushed back their big-budget, live action TMNT movie from Christmas 2013 to May 16, 2014, in the studio’s latest desperate move to save face.

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