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Square Enix Announces American Mensa Academy

Even while hyping their upcoming blockbuster titles, Square Enix announced a new game today — American MENSA Academy, which will see release on July 27th for PC, followed by XBLA & PSN as well as Android and iOS.  While many details are still forthcoming and likely to surface during E3, the game is set to feature over 100 levels packed with questions from five different schools of thought derived from a collaboration between developer Barnstorm Games and MENSA members.  As you are rewarded with Mensa IQ scores at the end of your sessions, American Mensa Academy will no doubt suck you in and encourage daily test runs while you try to better your knowledge and outdo your prior scores, much like Dr. Kawashima’s excellent 2006 title, Brain Age.  Check out Square Enix’s official press release after the break

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Reverb Unveils Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

Available June 27th, Reverb Publishing is bringing Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad to XBLA and PSN for the reasonable cost of only $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft points).  Running at 60 frames-per-second, supporting 1080p displays, and offering both full career and multiplayer modes with upgradeable vehicles, this is one arcade title that promises both slick visuals and plenty of content to back it up.

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BBTS Sponsor News: New Hasbro – SW, TF, GI Joe, Marvel, MIB 3, Dark Knight & More!

Big Bad Toy Store has released TONS of new pre-orders for long-anticipated Marvel, Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, Transformers and lots more products– check out the latest updates!

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TV Korner: Mad Men 5.11 – “The Other Woman”

Never have times been so tumultuous behind the glass walls at SDCP than in the latest episode of Mad Men.  Almost the entire episode focused tightly on the business side of things, specifically the agency’s attempt to acquire Jaguar and the measures it took to do so.  It was intense, emotional, and ultimately heartbreaking, and it was the most captivating episode of this season.

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GI Joe “Dollar Wave” Lives Up To The Hype

The Joe collecting community has a tendency to go a little nuts when Hasbro tries to sneak one past us, and that’s exactly what happened with this mystery wave of six figures that showed up on the forums with no explanation from Hasbro as to when and where they would be available… and not even what they were.

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Ronimo Games Releases Awesomenauts Theme Song as Free Download

While my opinion of the game itself is somewhat conflicted, Awesomenauts has one of the greatest theme songs ever conceived for a video game.  The band Sonic Picnic really managed to capture the crazy chaotic fun of the game with this ’80s glam metal-inspired opening track, and it’s free to download (as long as you mention it on Facebook or Twitter).  You can find the link after the break.

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Pre-Orders are Up for New Mass Effect 3 Collectibles

Today, both TriForce and Square Enix announced Q4 2012 release dates for their new Mass Effect 3-themed pieces.  Don’t let that stop you from getting your pre-orders in early, though — historically, both companies work with rather limited runs that tend to sell out quickly and, considering the popularity of the source material along with the fact that they all look awesome, these won’t likely last long.

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Toy Line UPDATE: GI Joe Retaliation Pushed Back To March 2013

News just broke that GI Joe Retaliation, originally scheduled to be released in four weeks, has been pushed back to March 29, 2013 to be converted to 3D.  This is not good news for Joe fans…

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Movie Review: Men In Black 3 Turned Out Really Cool (Somehow)

The last thing I was expecting walking in to Men In Black 3 was that the movie wouldn’t be dreadful, so imagine my surprise when not only was it NOT awful, but it was pretty damn good!  After a dull first sequel, Men In Black 3 feels like a real return to form for not only the semi-franchise, but also director Barry Sonnenfeld, and it makes for a very enjoyable and consistently entertaining Summer blockbuster.

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Akai Katana Review

As any self-respecting ‘shmup’ fanatic already knows, CAVE’s developers have been releasing quality bullet-hell titles for over two decades, earning their title as the true kings of the genre.  Previously unavailable outside of Japan, Rising Star Games has published one of CAVE’s latest titles, Akai Katana, domestically as an Xbox 360 exclusive.  It’s big on fun, but a bit short on content with an unfortunately poor presentation and steep price tag.

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