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Edgar Wright Completes Filming On Ant Man (Kinda Sorta)

Director Edgar Wright filmed a demo reel for Ant Man, his long in-the-works movie based on the Marvel super hero.

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Dethklok To Rock A Battleship at Comic Con

Adult Swim is bringing Dethklok, the biggest metal band in the known universe, to Comic Con at the most awesome venue imaginable.

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Comic Con Is About To Get Kaiju-Crazy With Godzilla & Pacific Rim

I hope you like your monsters super-sized, because Legendary Entertainment is showing them off in full-force at Comic Con!

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Action Figure Express Has Some Sweet SDCC Exclusives

Action Figure Express has revealed a small army of SDCC Exclusives, and there’s some totally cool collectibles coming to this year’s show. There’s something for every geek at the AFX booth, but here’s the top five we’re really stoked for…

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Dark Horse Comic Con Exclusives

Dark Horse is bringing a few exclusive collectibles with them to Comic Con, including a special edition Domo Qee, one of the first figures in their recently-relaunched Good Luck Trolls, and a pair of Marvel Classic statues. Find out what to expect at the Dark Horse booth next week…

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G.I. Joe Retaliation Update From Joe Con

Hasbro has sent out some brand new GI Joe images to go along with their presentation at GI Joe Con this weekend. Some of the new figures look good enough to soften the blow of the 9-month delay us Joe fans are going through.

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AFX And Diamond Debut Thundercats Minimates at Comic Con

Action Figure Express and Diamond revealed a new set of Thundercats Minimates, making their debut in a limited edition box set at SDCC!

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Comics Korner: Week of 6/27/12


The wait for Spaceman was getting a little bit ridiculous, but it has returned this week along with a host of other great books.  The talented Gregg Hurwitz has taken over writing duties on the Dark Knight, and Before Watchmen continues with Nite Owl number one.  Keep reading for the details on these titles and more, and keep in mind that comics ship next Thursday instead of Wednesday (July 4th) in the U.S.

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Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Reviewed

By all rights, Mass Effect 3 should have been the gaming experience of a lifetime – the culmination of hundreds of hours spent, not only playing a game, but absorbing a world rich in established lore and complex characters.  Instead, gamers were subjected to a jarringly disappointing end to the trilogy rife with plot holes, self-contradictions, and lazy writing.  Fan outcry regarding the abysmal finale sequence specifically caused developer BioWare to announce that an extended cut of the game was in the works that would provide more closure and attempt to explain away some of the gaping plot holes.  Now that it’s out, let’s take a detailed look.

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Mezco Toyz Comic Con Exclusives Revealed

Mezco Toyz has relaunched their website, and with it revealed a whole slew of Summer exclusives which will make their debut at Comic Con in just a few weeks.  Get all the details on Mezco’s 2012 Con lineup…

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