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Comics Korner: The Night of the Owls Continues

Batman in a mech suit?  Just when we thought he couldn’t possibly be more badass!  Also, did anyone else notice the similarities between the covers of Batman and Wolverine & the X-Men?  Keep reading for reviews of those comics and more!

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Valiant Debuts Archer & Armstrong #1 Cover

Valiant returned to the world of comics this month and really made a splash with their incredibly promising reboot of X-O Manowar.  X-O is the first of four monthly books to debut, which will hopefully usher in a new era of character-driven stories, expansive continuities, and intersecting story arcs that we haven’t seen since… well, since Valiant went away.

There’s a few books coming out in the meantime, but the one I’m most excited for the Valiant’s August debut, which see Archer and Armstrong return to the comics rack. And now, Valiant has debuted the cover of Archer and Armstrong #1, along with some cool art previews… check them out!

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Additional Pre-Order Items for Hitman: Absolution

If you still haven’t put in your pre-order for the upcoming Hitman: Absolution, Square Enix just announced three more reasons for you to put down your hard-earned cash and guarantee yourself a launch-day copy.  While Gamestop is  absent from the list, three big-box stores will get additional pre-order incentives on top of the ones that were previously announced

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Kotobukiya Adds Another Hero To Their Fine Art Avengers

Kotobukiya has thus far released three of Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes in their Classic Avengers Fine Art series, and now a fourth hero will be joining the ranks of Iron-Man, Thor and Captain America… Hawkeye!

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GI Joe Club Reveals Another Iron Grenadier

If you were hoping for Voltar or Annihilator, you better keep waiting…

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BBTS Sponsor News: Avengers, Batman, Transformers, Mattel, Imports & More

Check out the latest pre-orders and in-stock items from Big Bad Toy Store!  This week BBTS has some new listings for Avengers, Transformers, Batman and lots more great stuff– check out the full update…

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GI Joe Club’s Footloose Shows What They’re Capable Of

The GI Joe Club has released their 2012 Collector’s Club exclusive, and subscribers are now receiving the long-demanded 25th update of the classic Joe infantry trooper, Footloose. It’s been a long time coming, but Footloose is finally here– ready to effectively complete the Joe class of ’85– and the Club really pulled this one off.

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GI Joe Con’s Oktober Guard is Facing the Iron Grenadiers

image source: GIJoeCon.com

The GI Joe Collector’s Club just updated their GI Joe Convention 2012 exclusives page and we have confirmation that at least one of the opponents of the Oktober Guard will be an Iron Grenadier. See the full reveal, and get all the details here!

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TV Korner: Mad Men 5.8 – “Lady Lazarus”

It’s been another intense week at SCDP. After last week’s foray into all kinds of disappointments, it seems about time for a little bit of redemption… but coming at it straight away wouldn’t be much fun, so instead “Lady Lazarus” continues to build to a decisive make or break moment for the increasingly conflicted Don Draper, and a subtle cliffhanger that packs way more punch than an horde of zombies or a terrorist threat ever could.

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Amazon Rounds Out GI Joe Renegades

Hasbro and Amazon surprised GI Joe collectors by offering not one but two exclusive GI Joe sets– in addition to the already-known Retaliation preview 4-pack, Amazon is also offering a Renegades themed multi-pack that really helps to finish off the Renegades universe in plastic. Get a full look at the new set right here…

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