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Max Payne 3 Review

With its last entry having been released nearly ten years ago and its sequel suffering numerous delays and setbacks, the future of the Max Payne franchise looked bleak for a while.  When the first footage of Max Payne 3 was finally rolled out last year, I was admittedly a bit apprehensive about the drastic changes apparent to the game’s trademark aesthetic that I remembered so fondly.  Some hands-on time at this year’s PAX East alleviated most of my concerns but, now that I’ve had an adequate amount of time with the game, I can tell you, as a huge fan of the series, this title could not have turned out better.  Even with the insanely high bar I had set for it, Max Payne 3 exceeded all my expectations.

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Skyfall Trailer Shows Little, But Does It Well

The latest James Bond movie has had its fair share of holdups (most of them related to MGM’s financial woes), but slowly the project has been picking up steam and by all accounts it should be another great installment in the franchise for current 007 Daniel Craig.  The first trailer is short and pretty cryptic, but it’s got a good sense of style that hints that this movie will be more Casino Royale than Quantum of Solace (spoiler: that’s a good thing).

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Edgar Wright’s Ant Man Movie Is A Go!!!

Not only was The Avengers an awesome movie, but it’s insane box office success has, predictably, gotten the gears turning on some back-burning Marvel movies, including the Edgar Wright-helmed Ant Man.  This is amazing news for any Wright fans (and if you’re not a fan or Wright, then you’re Wrong– ba-dum-bum!)

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Community Will Be Back For Season 4. Dan Harmon Will Not.

When NBC announced the best show on their network, Community, was being picked up for a short fourth season, there was much rejoicing… but now it looks like we may have been a little pre-emptive in that celebration. Community will be coming back in the Fall, but showrunner/ show creator/ overall genius Dan Harmon has been removed as showrunner by Sony.

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Mattel Reveals Mekaneck Through Club Eternia Mailing List

A few weeks ago, Mattel said they were trying to re-imagine how they did figure reveals, and it looks like they found at least one new avenue using yesterday’s reveal of Mekaneck!  The Masters figure was revealed through a special email sent to subscribers of Club Eternia, as a “perk” for being a member.  Since we at Kastor’s Korner ARE members of Club Eternia, we’ve got the images to show off– get all the details on Mekaneck right here!

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Missed the Boat: NECA’s Gremlins Line is Awesome

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with every corner of the pop culture universe, and things will fall through the cracks, even though they certainly don’t deserve to. That happened with NECA’s new line of figures based on the Gremlins movies, which started hitting stores late last year. That may have been months ago, but these guys are just so cool I had to write about them!

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Comics Korner: Week of 5/16/12

This week we’ll be looking at Daredevil, Mark Millar’s new series The Secret Service, Wonder Woman, and Avengers vs. X-Men Round 4.  One of them is awesome, two are pretty good and one is Avengers vs. X-Men.  Keep reading!

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Sniper Elite V2 Review

A trained sniper’s ability to rain death upon unknowing enemies from hundreds of yards away is pretty impressive and, in the world of video games, one of the more exhilarating aspects of military shooters.  Such is the central idea behind Rebellion Development’s Sniper Elite V2, a remake of the original Sniper Elite from 2005, which puts players in the shoes of OSS Officer Karl Fairburne during the final days of World War II. While the WWII angle has been admittedly played out, Sniper Elite V2 manages to keep things fresh with some slick new mechanics and an exciting, but brief, campaign based on the real-life Operation Paperclip initiative.

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GI Joe Club Reveals The Final Two Oktober Guard Members

The GI Joe Club has updated their Joe Con site again with the final two figure reveals for their 15-figure Convention exclusive Oktober Guard vs. Iron Grenadiers box set… Check out General Iron Bear and Horror Show!

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