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Hasbro’s Big Avengers Problem

The Avengers movie was not only a great blockbuster, but a smashing success– beating records for the biggest opening weekend of all time, and in no danger of losing steam anytime soon.  But Hasbro’s toy line has been suffering, and is under-performing at the worst time imaginable.  The toy company can still course-correct, but they need to get to work right away.

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Comics Korner: Mark Millar’s Superior Review

In a world where superhero comics are often regarded as lowbrow and childish entertainment, it’s nice to see a few writers taking the genre and flipping it on its head.  Dating all the way back to Alan Moore’s Watchmen and, more recently, in Mark Waid’s stellar series Irredeemable, creators have been delving into the minds of superheroes and giving them something much more important than bulging biceps and laser vision (though they often have those too).  They make their heroes relatable and susceptible to emotional strife even if they are physically invulnerable, and this is exactly what Scottish writer Mark Millar accomplishes with Superior.

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PRESSPOP Announces Their Lee “Scratch” Perry Figure


Officially approved by The Upsetter himself, Japanese company Presspop Inc (who recently made an awesome vinyl figure of Dr. Bob Moog) has announced a limited vinyl figure of Lee “Scratch” Perry, hailed as the father of reggae and dub music.  Made available domestically through Aggronautix, pre-orders are open now for a July 2012 ship date.

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GI Joe Club Reveals The Iron Grenadiers’ General

Holy $#@!! they actually made Voltar!!!

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Community Is Coming Back For Season Four

All you fellow Humans out there can breathe a sigh of relief– NBC has officially renewed Community for a fourth season!

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More Masters of the Universe Package Pictures (And MAJOR Mythology) Revealed

Mattel debuted some in-package images of the upcoming June releases from their Masters of the Universe series on the Matty Collector Facebook page earlier this week, giving us our first look at the bios for Horde Prime, Snake Man At Arms and the Griffin.  Check out the pix right now…

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Hitman: Sniper Challenge Pre-Order Incentive

Square Enix has issued a press release outlining what is possibly the most awesome pre-order bonus ever.  Any North American gamers who have ordered Hitman: Absolution through GameStop will have immediate access (starting Tuesday, May 15th) to a stand-alone downloadable title called Hitman: Sniper Challenge — a mission tracked by online leaderboards in which players can compete for real-life prizes.  In addition, the Kazo TRG sniper rifle that was previously announced to GameStop customers will first appear in this title and then be carried over into Hitman: Absolution along with any skills and upgrades you had earned in this preliminary title.  Check out the official press release from Square Enix:

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A Third Iron Grenadier Joins Joe Con’s Box Set

Image Credit: GIJoeCon.com

Good lord, I feel like this site is turning into a GI Joe fansite after all the news this week, but we’re gonna keep rocking and rolling anyway!  The GI Joe Club has revealed yet another Iron Grenadier– the third trooper from the cancelled 5-pack Hasbro scrapped a few years ago… this completes the trifecta of Grenadier troopers who will be squaring off with the Oktober Guard in this year’s Convention exclusive 15-pack.  But who will lead these Grenadiers into battle?

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Comics Korner: The Night of the Owls Continues

Batman in a mech suit?  Just when we thought he couldn’t possibly be more badass!  Also, did anyone else notice the similarities between the covers of Batman and Wolverine & the X-Men?  Keep reading for reviews of those comics and more!

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Valiant Debuts Archer & Armstrong #1 Cover

Valiant returned to the world of comics this month and really made a splash with their incredibly promising reboot of X-O Manowar.  X-O is the first of four monthly books to debut, which will hopefully usher in a new era of character-driven stories, expansive continuities, and intersecting story arcs that we haven’t seen since… well, since Valiant went away.

There’s a few books coming out in the meantime, but the one I’m most excited for the Valiant’s August debut, which see Archer and Armstrong return to the comics rack. And now, Valiant has debuted the cover of Archer and Armstrong #1, along with some cool art previews… check them out!

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