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Batarang & Riddler Trophy By TriForce Now On-Sale

TriForce has announced that it has officially acquired the license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create 1:1 scale prop replicas of various weapons, gadgets and iconic objects from Rocksteady’s blockbuster Batman video games, Arkham Asylum & its sequel, Arkham City.  The first two products are now available for pre-order at www.projecttriforce.com.   The Batarang will retail for $750 and have a limited run of 750 pieces.  The Riddler Trophy will retail for $350 and, to mimic the total number attainable in Batman: Arkham City, have a limited run of 440 pieces.

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Marvel Legends Comic Con Exclusive Revealed

Comic Con is coming up quick, and Hasbro and Marvel aren’t wasting any more time revealing their Marvel exclusives.  Yesterday Hasbro debuted the Masters of Evil, and now Marvel.com has revealed the Legends 3-Pack that’s this year’s SDCC exclusive.

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See Four Minutes Of The Amazing Spider-Man

Last weekend Sony released a four-minute clip of The Amazing Spider-Man, and with less than a month to go until the movie hits, the excitement is definitely building.

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Super-Articulated Spider-Man Really Is Amazing

Hasbro has released the Amazing Spider-Man movie toys, and while the line is fairly underwhelming for collectors, there’s a few treasures buried in this line. The best of the bunch is the fantastic new Super-Articulated movie Spidey, who really shows how well Hasbro can pull off a great toy when they want to.

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TV Korner: Mad Men 5.12 – “Commissions & Fees”

Ouch, that really hurt. While Sally becomes a woman, Don gets more aggressive than ever (at least, in the office), and we say an incredibly sad goodbye to a partner at SCDP.  This had to be the gut-punching-est episode of Mad Men yet.

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Marvel Universe Masters Of Evil Hit Comic Con

Hasbro reveals the first Marvel exclusive at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and it’s AMAZING.

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GI Joe Retaliation Delta Vehicles Are Not A Total Misfire

There’s a lot of vehicles out there for the GI Joe Retaliation series, and much like the rest of the line they range from pretty good to downright bad. While it looks like we won’t get past wave one of any size vehicle until 2013, on shelves now is the first assortment of larger scale Delta vehicles, and they’re worth a look for Joe fans.

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X-O Manowar #2 Review

The second installment of Valiant’s X-O Manowar relaunch hits shelves on Wednesday, June 6th and, while I typically try to avoid giving accolades to a series so early in its run, it’s already become one of the most fun and entertaining titles I’ve read in years.  Only two issues in, writer Robert Venditti has crafted an exciting, perfectly-paced narrative brought to life by Cary Nord’s superb visual flair.  The new X-O Manowar has already displayed a charm and relevance that rivals, if not exceeds, the original and I couldn’t recommend it more strongly.

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Sine Mora Flies onto the PS Vita

With the months-long game drought and disappointing launch of Resistance: Burning Skies last week, the PS Vita hasn’t been faring too well.  Luckily, things seem to be picking up for the new handheld with the smattering of recent announcements; a new Sly Cooper game, an exclusive Assassin’s Creed title and the impending US release of Gravity Rush come immediately to mind.  And just this morning, Reverb Games announced that the exceptionally beautiful shmup Sine Mora, previously an XBLA exclusive, will be making its way to the Vita “soon.”  Keep reading for all the details.

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Square Enix Announces Mini Ninjas Adventures

Square Enix has just announced that they will be breathing new life into the Mini Ninjas franchise with a new title, Mini Ninjas Adventures, which will be available exclusively for Kinect on June 29th and sold through XBLA for 800 Microsoft points.  Developed specifically for Kinect by Side-Kick Ltd, Mini Ninjas Adventures lets you step into the tabi boots of Hiro as you swipe, kick and battle your way through 21 levels on a mission to rescue his master and fellow ninjas from the clutches of the evil Samurai Warlord.

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