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iZombie: 4.3 – “Brainless in Seattle, Part 1”

The following review contains spoilers because the ending is too awesome to not mention.

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The Final Avengers Infinity War Trailer Is Here

Why are you reading this go click below and watch the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War! Continue reading “The Final Avengers Infinity War Trailer Is Here” »

CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 03/05/2018

It’s Anton Darhk, Speed dads and sisters, protecting you from yourself, and Red Arrows in this week’s CW/DC TV Roundup!

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Kornercast- Toy Fair Roundtable

The Kornercast PodcastYes we at down at a round table with Jesse and DJ to talk toys before the big event! Continue reading “Kornercast- Toy Fair Roundtable” »

iZombie: 4.2 – “Blue Bloody”

Liv acting like a meaner version of Blanche from the Golden Girls ends up playing second fiddle to a variety of subplots in Zombie-Seattle.

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CW/DC Weekly Roundup Week 02/26/2018

It’s Blackbeard’s cowardice, country music, dancing like a white girl, and a little hacking in this week’s CW/DC TV Roundup!

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Primitive Optimus Prime: When Autobots Get Dope

Transformers X Primitive = one of the year’s coolest Transformers.

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Toy Fair 2018- Star Wars

Toy Fair saw the announcement of Haslab and is being kicked off by the biggest Star Wars toy to date! Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Star Wars” »

Toy Fair 2018- Super 7

All of the signature brands from Super 7 are back for another round of throwback goodness, along with a some new surprises. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Super 7” »

Toy Fair 2018- Bluefin Brands

Bluefin is always a favorite at Toy Fair. They truly lead the market with products that feature impressive functional articulation, meticulous detail, and a fun factor that makes their product altogether iconic, definitive, and irresistible.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Bluefin Brands” »