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Powerpuff Girls: DoT Does Fans a Disservice

PPG:DoTRecently released through Steam and newly available on iOS, Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville is an action/adventure-shooter which lets fans step into the shoes of their favorite trio made up of sugar, spice, and everything nice (and also a healthy amount of Chemical X).

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Game Korner: Constant C Review

Constant C Review

Available on Steam and XBLA, International Games System takes players on a brain-burning, twisted sci-fi romp inConstant C – a puzzle-platformer filled with physics-based challenges that are as clever as they are punishing.

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Game Korner: Istanbul Review

Istanbul Review

Istanbul, designed by Rüdiger Dorn, has just been published domestically through Alderac Entertainment Group and is currently nominated for Germany’s coveted Kennerspiel des Jahres award.  Boasting some interesting mechanics that lead to a solid amount of decision making all while players race to collect five rubies, it’s little wonder that it’s being called one of the best tabletop games of the year.  

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Bring a Smartphone to a Gunfight in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

After numerous delays, Watch Dogs has finally landed, bolstered by the hype machine and promising a thoroughly original experience.  While there are often moments of brilliance, however, the game ultimately struggles to live up to the lofty expectations that it set.

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Bethesda Announces New Free-To-Play Brawler, Battlecry


Publisher Bethesda has just announced an upcoming title, Battlecry, developed by their Austin-based studio of the same name.  A class-based, team versus team, 32-player action title, Battlecry’s aesthetic and design make it comparable to a third-person Team Fortress 2…only without the guns.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Exceeds All Expectations

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Set in an alternate-history timeline in which Germany not only wins World War II, but goes on to systematically conquer the entire world, longtime series protagonist BJ Blaskowicz has his work cut out for him in Wolfenstein: The New Order.  Far outshining previous attempts to modernize the franchise, developer MachineGames absolutely knocked it out of the park here, delivering a campy and wildly entertaining love letter to the classic that started it all. 

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Unearth the Mysteries of “Lost Civilization” on iOS

Lost Civilization Review

Phoenix Online Publishing has just released their new archaeological thriller, Lost Civilization, for iOS devices, challenging players of all skill levels to set off on an adventure that takes them to all corners of the globe, solving interactive puzzles and searching for clues that will lead to the discovery of a lifetime.

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Nutjitsu Stealthily Arrives for Download on Xbox One

Nutjitsu Review

Having produced a number of quality titles published for Xbox 360/XBLA including Outpost Kaloki X,Cloning Cylde, and Band of Bugs, it’s no surprise that Utah-based developer NinjaBee was quick to show up in Xbox One’s indie scene via the ID@Xbox program.  Priced at a mere $6.49, Nutjitsu clearly aims to fill the niche of simple, casual games which are largely absent from the next-gen system’s current catalogue.

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Digital Initiative Begins for the Valiant Universe RPG

Valiant Universe RPG

The Valiant Universe RPG, published by Catalyst Game Labs and set for release on July 5th, is a role-playing experience set in the Valiant comic book universe with pre-constructed scenarios based on established story arcs.  Leading up to its launch, Catalyst has announced its Digital Initiative – a digital-first rollout featuring quick-start rules and select characters and settings from the upcoming title.

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TownCraft Hits iDevices and Will Own Your Free Time

TownCraft Review

Newly updated as a universal app on iOS, TownCraft is the first effort from Australian developer Flat Earth Games.  Taking cues from titles such as Animal Crossing and MineCraft, it drops players into an expansive landscape with their only guides being a simple objective and a lot of creativity. 

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