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DC Reveals The “Model” For New 52 Lobo

lobo topThe New 52 has had its share of good ideas and bad ideas since its conception into the real world a few years ago. Many “loyalist” to the old continuity have dropped most if not all their titles because of the way the New 52 has handled the iconic characters of the DCU. Most fans are left asking weekly when they read their books, “Where is this person?” What happened to that person? What the heck kind of costume is that?

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Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Fire Has Arrived

DCIE FireWhen this figure was announced as a DCIE Subscription figure most people were excited! Fire is the longest serving member of the Justice League International. This Brazilian beach model turned secret agent was in a pyroplasmic explosion that ended up giving her fire type abilities thus giving her the moniker Fire. The only sour note to this figure is we will not get her counterpart the lovely Ice since the 2014 subscription is in limbo (but probably cancelled).

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DC Comics Reboots the Batman Beyond As Batman Beyond Universe

Batman Beyond Universe 1New name, same great stories! This week DC Comics releases Batman Beyond Universe #1. This book was called Batman Beyond Unlimited and featured three stories from the “Beyond” era (Batman Beyond, Justice League Beyond, and Superman Beyond). The books price has stayed at $3.99 and with all the action packed into these stories it is the best “BANG” for your buck. Beyond Universe #1 has two stories a Batman Beyond and a Justice League Beyond story. Continue reading “DC Comics Reboots the Batman Beyond As Batman Beyond Universe” »