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Movie Korner: Lucy Movie Review

no.  don't fall for that look, son.Or…the case for a Wonder Woman movie… or ANY female superhero, for that matter.

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Mooby & Buddy Christ Join the Minimates View Askewniverse

SONY DSCTwo of your favorite characters have FINALLY (and unexpectedly) been immortalized not only in plastic, but as Minimates, as well.  Yes! That’s right! I’m talking Mooby (the golden calf) and Buddy Christ from Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe!

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Comics Korner: The Names #1

names-featDebuting last week, under DC’s Vertigo imprint, was The Names #1 by writer Peter Milligan and artist Leandro Fernandez. An 8 part mini series, The Names is being touted as “Kill Bill meets Wall Street”.

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DC Collectibles Armored Lex Luthor Review (DC Collectibles)

dc-collectibles-armored-lex-luthor-featLook at this thing!  I mean…look at him!  I tell you…this is what I love about action figures.  Monstrosities like this, that have no right existing.  But, thank the makers they do.  Because, to your friendly neighborhood jman, awesomeness like Armored Lex Luthor here is what collecting action figures is all about.

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