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Toy Fair 2017: Super7 Is Pushing MOTU Forward Perfectly

Super 7 has officially taken the reins from Mattel, steering the little toy line that could, Masters of the Universe Classics, into uncharted waters.

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Toy Fair 2017: McFarlane Toys Builds The World of Steven Universe

Steven Universe is probably the last property you’d think would be in the portfolio of McFarlane Toys, but here we are with characteristic environments from the hit series.

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TMNT Classics Return With New Mega Construx Figures

Mega Construx Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics might be the best TMNT toy line on the market.

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Looking Deeper At Mattel’s SDCC Exclusives

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Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Masters of the Universe

Toy-Fair-MOTUMattel gave collectors what they wanted for years at San Diego Comic Con 2015: the entire lineup for 2016. At the Mattycollector Toy Fair event in New York City, all figures from the Collector’s Choice (with the exception of the footless Crita), Classics 2.0, and Power Con exclusives were on glorious display.

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Toy Fair 2016: Good Smile Company

figma-samus-aran-toy-fairIt appears the import market is making a bigger footprint in North American with each passing year. Whether seen as Bandai Japan’s biggest competitor or companion, Good Smile Company has kept their hat in the ring with highly-detailed, high-end video game and anime merchandise.

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Toy Fair 2016: Bluefin

Figuarts-TMNT-Toy-FairJust when you think Bluefin hasn’t any tricks left up their sleeve, they continue to impress with all of their new offerings.

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Toy Fair 2016: Bandai

Bandai-Power-rangers-Toy-FaBandai has proven that if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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NYCC 2015: Street Fighter V

street-fighter-v-featCapcom’s dedicated Street Fighter V panel was another exercise in fan hype and appreciation for the venerable brand. They filled the hour with the game’s latest updates, upcoming product in conjunction with the game’s release, and even a mini NYCC battle Royale for a chance to win a custom PS4. If you are a gaming fan and haven’t been to one of their panels, you are missing a feel-good time.

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NYCC 2015: On The Floor With Bandai Tamashii Nations / Bluefin

NYCC-Bandai-Tamashii-featBluefin has quickly become the premier action figure booth at New York Comic Con. Over the years their impressive portfolio has expanded from anime and video game mainstays to movies, comics, and musicians. We finally have full-on Bandai Tamashii Nations products that directly compete with the domestic, child-friendly equivalents sold stateside. For the collector who thinks that it’s a slam dunk from our friends in Japan, you may think twice, given their surprising execution.

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