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Disney Minifigures Are A Mixed Blind Bag

Lego Disney Kastors KornerAfter spending 2+ hours feeling up blind bags of the newest wave of Disney LEGO Minifigures I got 38 out of 40 correct and a couple of sets for myself and friends.

Continue reading “Disney Minifigures Are A Mixed Blind Bag” »

TPB Pick of the Week- Fables Vol 1: Legends in Exile

fables vol 1This is not your parents Fables. Continue reading “TPB Pick of the Week- Fables Vol 1: Legends in Exile” »

The Punisher Is Greenlit

Punisher Kastor's KornerIt looks like the Jon Bernthal is going to put on the skull once again for Netflix, but this time on his own. Continue reading “The Punisher Is Greenlit” »

Minimates Bring Axis to Collectors

Marvel Axis Minimates Kastors KornerGood is bad and bad is good in the world of Marvel Axis, and Diamond Select Toys wave of minimates include the big names from the Marvel story line. Continue reading “Minimates Bring Axis to Collectors” »

The One and Only Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Kastors KornerSince her introduction Harley Quinn has been a fanboy’s dream. She is a badgirl, but a little crazy and sometimes good.  Continue reading “The One and Only Harley Quinn” »

The Killing Joke Trailer is Here

killing-jokeOne of the most famous and highly polarizing Batman stories gets animated and it’s first trailer is out! Continue reading “The Killing Joke Trailer is Here” »

Thanos Takes on the Avengers

Avenjet Space Mission Kastors KornerWe should be seeing more of the Mad Titan Thanos over the next few years, but LEGO was able to sneak in a comic version before the movie versions fill the sets.  Continue reading “Thanos Takes on the Avengers” »

Alien Day Brings New Animated Short, Plus New Toy Reveal!

Aliens wv 3It’s April 26th, which means it’s officially Alien Day! Chosen for the xenomorph’s source planetoid LV-426, today is a day to celebrate all of the films of the Aliens Quadrilogy, as well as to make some exciting announcements in the Aliens world. Continue reading “Alien Day Brings New Animated Short, Plus New Toy Reveal!” »

And I’ll Form The Head

Voltron LEGOThere is a new project on LEGO Ideas that kids of the 80’s will fight to have made. Voltron could be one of the sets made, but can it get into production? Continue reading “And I’ll Form The Head” »

The Final X-men Apocalypse Trailer!

Xmen apocalypseThe last trailer for X-men Apocalypse is amazing and has a quick cameo! Continue reading “The Final X-men Apocalypse Trailer!” »