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Luke Cage Cast Grows

mistyknight1Filming on Jessica Jones is wrapping up, which means Luke Cage is about to start.  Continue reading “Luke Cage Cast Grows” »

The Lanes are Coming to Supergirl

Sam LaneIt looks like Lucy won’t be the only Lane on CBS’s Supergirl. Her dad, Sam Lane, will also make an appearance.  Continue reading “The Lanes are Coming to Supergirl” »

Victor Frankenstein and his Assistant

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN bannerThe stars of Victor Frankenstein sat down to talk a little about the upcoming film and tease the their characters. Continue reading “Victor Frankenstein and his Assistant” »

The Walking Dead Goes on a Flight

DeadA closed metal tube in the air in the Walking Dead world means a zombie buffet.  Continue reading “The Walking Dead Goes on a Flight” »

Deat…Slade Takes on Nightwing

Nightwing Slade Kastor's KornerDeathstroke may be too much for the little ones, but that does not mean they can’t have him and Nightwing in the Imaginext line.  Continue reading “Deat…Slade Takes on Nightwing” »

Zoom Comes to Central City

Flash-ZoomThe Reverse Flash is gone, and now Zoom is here to terrorize the Flash an company in season 2 of the CW show.  Continue reading “Zoom Comes to Central City” »

The Lines Have Been Drawn for Civil War

CW BattleThere have been rumors and reports over the last few weeks about the sides the heroes will take in Captain America: Civil War, but now promo art show off the teams.  Continue reading “The Lines Have Been Drawn for Civil War” »

The Direction of Cage

CageA break down of the upcoming Luke Cage series hit the net, giving fans a glimpse at what is in store for the Hero for Hire.  Continue reading “The Direction of Cage” »

The Flash’s World is Expanding

Flash FeatureSeason two of the Flash is about to start up, and the show’s cast of DC characters keeps expanding. Continue reading “The Flash’s World is Expanding” »

Your Tauntaun Will Freeze Before You Reach the First Marker!

Star Wars ESB Kastor's KornerOnce again Hasbro and Star Wars has sucked me back in with the Tauntaun and Wampa,  and I have some new large figures to find a place for in my collection. Continue reading “Your Tauntaun Will Freeze Before You Reach the First Marker!” »