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The Villains Attack In Arkham Origins Wave 2

Arkham Origins Wv 2 Kastor's KornerThe Arkhamverse expands with new villains in Arkham Origins wave two from DC Collectibles.  Continue reading “The Villains Attack In Arkham Origins Wave 2” »

Minimates Wave 54 is Full of Captain America Goodness

Captain America Comic Minimates Kastor's KornerI picked up a few of this wave this week while hunting down some older packs. I could not pass up on getting some of the characters from Captain America: The Winter Solider in their comic form.   Continue reading “Minimates Wave 54 is Full of Captain America Goodness” »

The Kornercast Episode 14- Fanboy of Steel

The Kornercast PodcastBack again with another podcast about the collecting world. This week Brian and I talk about some of our Convention memories and how difficult, or not, it is to find certain items at retail.  Continue reading “The Kornercast Episode 14- Fanboy of Steel” »

Becoming a Minimate Collector

Jay and Silent Bob Minimates Kastor's KornerI have known about Minimates for as long as they have been around, but it was not until this year that I found my desk covered in them. What drew me in? Well that is a long story… Continue reading “Becoming a Minimate Collector” »

Captain America Is Unmasked

CapUnmaskedNext month fans of Captain America: The Winter Solider will have a chance to grab and exclusive Marvel Select unmasked Captain America from MarvelStore.com

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Diamond Select Solicits For April

Diamond solicits AprilDiamond Select just released some info on their upcoming products for late Summer/ Fall. The new items are a great mix of movie, cartoon, and comic items. Check out all the info inside.

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Is Dexter a Daredevil?

Marvel and Netflix have not found their Matt Murdock, but fans seem to like Dexter star Michael C Hall for the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen.Rumors have been going around fans communities since filming on the new Daredevil series starts later this year.

Continue reading “Is Dexter a Daredevil?” »

The Kornercast Episode 13- Fanboy Forever

The Kornercast PodcastThis week on the Kornercast Brian Isaacs and I discuss getting into new comics and is a toy really a toy?

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WB Releases a New Clip and Pictures From Son of the Bat

SoBat - 2 RobinsWarner Bros Entertainment released some new images and a clip from Son of the Bat, the next DC Animated film set in the New 52 world.

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Doom Takes on the Fantastic Four

Dr DoomThe Fantastic Four take will take on Doctor Doom in the first of the reboot films.

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