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Wolverine Looks Great But…..

Wolverine….the Juggernaut is a great Build-A-Figure choice. Continue reading “Wolverine Looks Great But…..” »

The First Round Of Mattel SDCC Exclusives

Mattel SDCC Kastors Korner topThe first round of Mattel SDCC exclusives are revealed, with more to come! Continue reading “The First Round Of Mattel SDCC Exclusives” »

New Loot Crates Announced

Loot juneJune’s crate and a special Ghostbusters crate are on the way! Continue reading “New Loot Crates Announced” »

Valiant Reveals Record-Setting Jam Cover for X-O MANOWAR #50

xo manowar feat50 epic issues. 50 superstar artists. 50 X-O Manowars. One colossal cover! Continue reading “Valiant Reveals Record-Setting Jam Cover for X-O MANOWAR #50” »

More SDCC Exclusive Reveals

SDCC Exclusives Kastors KornerDiamond Distributors released info on some of the exclusives you will have to hunt down at this year’s SDCC. Continue reading “More SDCC Exclusive Reveals” »

Carnage Jumps Universes

Lego Carnage Kastors KornerOne of the most violent Marvel villains is now a cute Lego Minifigure with Ultimate Spider-man on his tail.  Continue reading “Carnage Jumps Universes” »

Beast Has His Beauty

Beauty and the Beast kastors kornerDisney released the first teaser for the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast.  Continue reading “Beast Has His Beauty” »

Star Trek Goes Beyond

Star Trek Beyond Kastors KornerOver the weekend the trailer for Star Trek: Beyond hit the net, and it feels more Trek than the first one.  Continue reading “Star Trek Goes Beyond” »

Link Is Not Zelda….

Legend of Zelda Kastors KornerThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of my all time favorite game and Jakks’s line of figures is brining me one step close to the main cast of the game.  Continue reading “Link Is Not Zelda….” »

MacGyver Returns

MacGyver TitleRedoing the past is the new it thing, it works once and a while but not every time. We will have to wait until the fall to see if MacGyver can be a success or flop. Continue reading “MacGyver Returns” »