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Yoshi Joins The Team

Yoshi Kastor's KornerSH Figuarts Yoshi joins the Mario Bros this month to take on Bowser and his minions.  Continue reading “Yoshi Joins The Team” »

The Brotherhood Attacks

Brotherhood Minimates Kastor's KornerThe newest set of Minimates fills out a team and leaves collectors with plenty of X-men uniforms.

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Strange Gets a Villain

BARON MORDOIt looks like the cast of the Dr. Strange movie is filling out.  Continue reading “Strange Gets a Villain” »

What Is Comic Con Without Marvel?

Marvel-Brand-LogoWorld came out this week that once again Marvel Studios will be skipping San Diego Comic Con. So what does this mean for fans?

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The Hunger Games Comes to the Capital

mockingjay part 2The newest trailer for the last Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2 came out this week.

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Bond is Back

james-bond-spectre-featFrom the looks of the newest Spectre commercial the classic James Bond is back.

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Ant-Man’s Big Preview

ant-manGoing to see Jurassic World this weekend? Catch an extended look at Ant-Man.

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Scream Gets a New Trailer and Mask

Scream-MTVMTV ‘s Scream will bring back the slasher genre this month with a new mask and killer.

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I’m Not Supposed To Be Here Today!

Clerks Minimates Kastor's KornerKevin Smith and Minimates have been a great pairing so far, so how does the he look in black and white?

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Hulks Square Off?

Red HulkIs Captain America: Civil War really just Avenger 2.5?

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