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A New (52) Nightwing

Capullo Nightwing Kastor's KornerNightwing has taken on many looks and DC Collectibles has always been able to capture each look in plastic. Continue reading “A New (52) Nightwing” »

The Bat Family Reunited

Son of Batman Kastor's Korner featDC Collectibles has been doing a great job on filling out a universe, so how does the new animated line based on the newest films stack up? Continue reading “The Bat Family Reunited” »

Can Fans Handle Two Flashes?

2 flashesAs season one of the CW’s Flash comes to a close word came out that the DC cinematic universe would also have a Flash in it who is also named Barry Allen.

Continue reading “Can Fans Handle Two Flashes?” »

Avengers Minimates Assemble!!! Part 2

Age of Ultron Minimates Kastor's KornerHawkeye gets two looks not one for Age of Ultron Minimates. Continue reading “Avengers Minimates Assemble!!! Part 2” »

Avengers Minimates Assemble!!! Part 1

Age of Ultron Minimates Kastor's KornerJust in time for the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Diamond Select Toys has a new wave of Minimates at Toys R Us.  Continue reading “Avengers Minimates Assemble!!! Part 1” »

Once Again Optimus Is My New Figure

Combiners Optimus Kastor's KornerWell it happened again, I got another Optimus Prime.

Continue reading “Once Again Optimus Is My New Figure” »

Link Stands Tall

Dark Horse Link Kastor's KornerDark Horse brings gaming fans an amazing statue of Link from Twilight Princess.

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World’s Finest in Wood

DC Wooden Figures Kastor's KornerToday collectors are looking for figures with great articulation and sculpting, and these wooden Superman and Batman figures have neither. But they might be my new favorite work desk figures. Continue reading “World’s Finest in Wood” »

Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man… Who Will Win?

LEGO Hulkbuster Kastor's KornerThe Avengers LEGO sets are doing a great job at not repeating characters, and the Hulkbuster set is a perfect mix of figures and builds for the new line.

Continue reading “Hulk Vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man… Who Will Win?” »

Thor and Hawkeye Take on a LEGO Hydra

LEGO Hydra Ultron Kastor's KornerHawkeye, truck, villain, and hero… we have seen this before so why do we need it again?

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