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I Am Suicide begins in BATMAN #9!

batman9_marqueeThe next great Batman story,  “I Am Suicide,” begins in BATMAN #9 by Tom King and Mikel Janin this October! Continue reading “I Am Suicide begins in BATMAN #9!” »

Power Rangers Are Gearing Up

power-rangersLionsgate just released new posters of the Power Rangers and their Zords. Continue reading “Power Rangers Are Gearing Up” »

Paramount Teases Ghost In The Shell

ghost-in-the-shellParamount teases fans of Ghost in the Shell with 5 short video teasers before the first trailer comes out for the film.  Continue reading “Paramount Teases Ghost In The Shell” »

The Walking Dead Enters The Kingdom

twd-7In the newest commercial for season 7 of The Walking Dead we get a glimpse at Ezekiel’s Kingdom, and a little Morgan and Tara action.
Continue reading “The Walking Dead Enters The Kingdom” »

LEGO Dimensions Is A Slightly Addictive Game

lego-dimensions-kastors-korner-00Like a bag of chips, you can never have just one. After getting the LEGO Dimensions pad and one pack, I needed them all.  So in under a month I have almost all of Season One and can’t wait for Season Two. Continue reading “LEGO Dimensions Is A Slightly Addictive Game” »

International Dr. Strange Spot Arrives

dr strangeA short but new image heavy Doctor Strange TV stop is full of short but new footage.  Continue reading “International Dr. Strange Spot Arrives” »

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Chasing A Ghost Rider

agents-of-shield-401In the season four opener the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are tracking Daisy, who is tracking the Ghost Rider, who is tracking some gun runners.  Continue reading “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Chasing A Ghost Rider” »

Who Is Luke Cage?

cageThe newest Luke Cage preview from Netflix talk about the hero and his motivation for becoming a hero in the Marvel world.  Continue reading “Who Is Luke Cage?” »

DC Solicits For December 2016

supergirl1DC Comics released their December slate of comics for this year with a team up of the Justice League and the Suicide Squad. Continue reading “DC Solicits For December 2016” »

Killer Croc Smashes Through The Sewers Of Gotham

sewer-smash-76055-kastors-kornerLEGO found a way to give DC fans a Suicide Squad set without calling it a Squad set. The Sewer Smash set adds to the team, and increases the size of Batmobile fleet.  Continue reading “Killer Croc Smashes Through The Sewers Of Gotham” »