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Stan Lee Drops Some Marvelous Hints

Surfer BP DR SStan “the Man” Lee has has some loose lips the last few weeks, dropping information in some upcoming Marvel movies.

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Mega Man Turns 25

mm25 Kastors Korner featAt Comic Con, fans of the little blue hero will have the chance to buy a copy of MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works, and some fans will be get the chance to get a special edition of the book.

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Hidden In Steel

MoS Kastor's KornerThe latest installment of the DC line of movies, Man of Steel left many fans wanting more. Some eagle eyed fans noticed some fun easter eggs in the film and now that many of your have seen the film lets take a look at some of the fun things the film makers hidden in plain sight.

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Batman Turns Down The Justice League

christian-bale-batmanAfter a lot of fanboy debate it looks like there will be a new Batman for the upcoming Justice League according to Christian Bale.

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The Fanboy Factor Tackles Issues with Mattel and Films

Kastor's Korner joins up with the Fanboy Factor

Another week on the Fanboy Factor with the guys weighing in on the Clamp Champ scandal, DC and the big screen, and Jim Carrey and his newest publicity stunt.

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Transformers Generations Continues To Bring Classics Into The Modern Age

RhinoxFor G1 fans the Generations line has always been a favorite, and after Bot-con there is even more to love about the line.

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New Hasbro Images From Star Wars Black & More

star-wars-black-featStar Wars is changing this year and the Black series might be just what long time collectors have been waiting for since the 70’s.

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Will Sinestro Become Lex Luthor?

Mark Strong Kastor's KornerCould the master of fear in the DC Universe, become the millionaire villain for Man of Steel 2? That is exactly what director Zack Snyder wants to see happen in the upcoming sequel.

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The WB Shake Up And DC’s Future

legendary pictures Kastor's KornerWith all the recent shake ups at Warner Bros fans are worried about the future of the DC comics films. Last week news came that Chris Nolan’s Legendary films may be parting ways with Warner Bros, and that will impact those in charge of upcoming DC films.

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Yet Another Amazing Spider-Man 2 Villain?

Black Cat Kastors KornerIt seems like every few weeks we get an update on The Amazing Spider-man 2. We seem to be getting more villains, less supporting characters and the rumors just continue to swirl.

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