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Icon Heroes Brings The 80’s To Comic Con

tcats 1Once again the guys at Icon Heroes is bringing some fun 80’s properties to SDCC. This year we will see some Thundercats and MOTU items for sale at the show.

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Lego Lois Escapes Black Zero

Lego Black Zero Kastor's KornerThe second Man of Steel set from Lego gives fans the most for their money. It is a better value for the cost giving fans two builds and three minifigures of the main cast members.

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Kastor’s Korner Teams Up with the Fanboy Factor

Kastor's Korner joins up with the Fanboy Factor

This week I was invited to join the Fanboy Factor Podcast. We discussed DC comics, Superman, and caught up with Randy Falk from NECA toys.

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Move Over Taco Bell, There is a New Taco Truck in Town

deadpool-corps-featThis is one taco truck you might want to let pass you by if you saw it on the street, but one most Marvel fans will not be able to resist at SDCC.

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Transformers Springer Gets A Worthy Update

Springer Kastor's KornerHasbro has been working to give fans updated versions of the classic characters from the G1 Era, and some have come good, but others, like Ultra Magnus, fall flat. Springer is the former, a great update for a fan favorite character from the end of the G1 era.

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Fables Skips The Small Screen

fables_348225-e1370464716691After years of plans and rumors about the hit Vertigo title Fables coming to TV word comes this week that Fables will become a full length film.

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Lego Batman– DC Heroes Unite! Review

Justice_LeaguersThe title is slightly misleading but Lego Batman: DC Heroes Unite! is a fun movie for both kids and adults.

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Lego Presents The Mini Man of Steel

Lego Metropolis Kastor's KornerThe newest set from Lego packs a mighty punch for fans of the Man of Steel. Check out what the Metropolis Battle set includes for Lego and comic fans.

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Lego Day With Star Wars In New York City

Lego Xwing NYC Kastor's KornerToday the world was introduced to world’s largest Lego Model. Times Square was full of both Lego and Star Wars fans to see this amazing build.

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Beast Hunters Brings Fans a Classic

http://kastorskorner.com/wp/?p=14941Collectors who have been collecting the Transformers Classics line since the beginning have been waiting a long time for a Shockwave figure that is both updated and still has a G1 feel to it. Hasbro may have finally gotten in right with the Beast Hunters Shockwave.

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