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Pop Fizz Joins the Mega Bloks Skylanders

Mega Bloks Skylanders Kastor's KornerThe Skylanders Giants line from Mega Bloks continue to deliver great characters and action packed sets. The Arkeyan Robot King set will give collectors and kids to build a great toy with plenty of action. Continue reading “Pop Fizz Joins the Mega Bloks Skylanders” »

The Spartans vs. Promethean Knight Lancer

Mega bloks Halo Kastor's KornerHalo fans have a Gausshog to build and battle a Promethean Knight Lancer thanks to Mega Bloks.  Continue reading “The Spartans vs. Promethean Knight Lancer” »

From Zombies to Guardians

yondu rookerActor Michael Rooker gave a few updates on his role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film this weekend. Continue reading “From Zombies to Guardians” »

Transformers 4 Has Four Possible Titles and Dinobots

DinobotsIt looks like Bay and company are looking at 4 different possible for titles the next installment of Transformers live action film.  Continue reading “Transformers 4 Has Four Possible Titles and Dinobots” »

Arrow’s DC Universe Connections Just Keep Growing

Amanda WallerOnce again Arrow is proving to be the keystone (pardon the pun) for the DC universe in the entertainment world. Many have been looking to the films like Man of Steel and its sequel, but the CW’s Arrow is creating a world that may rival Marvel’s movie universe. Yet another character has been announced to be joining the show, Amanda Waller.

Continue reading “Arrow’s DC Universe Connections Just Keep Growing” »

Ultron Gets A Voice In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

James Spader Kastor's KornerIt looks like the villain of Avengers 2 gets a voice, and it is not who many fans expected. Actor James Spader has been cast to the be the title villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Continue reading “Ultron Gets A Voice In Avengers: Age Of Ultron” »

Arrow Gets A New Poster For Season 2

arrowThe new season of Arrow is just around the corner and the CW just released the newest poster for their hit show’s second season.

Continue reading “Arrow Gets A New Poster For Season 2” »

TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.11- “Confessions”

Breaking Bad 511Once again Breaking Bad delivers one of the most intense and riveting shows in history. Jesse grows up, Hank gets knocked down, and Walt shows once again why he is the ring leader of this circus.

Continue reading “TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.11- “Confessions”” »

Ben Affleck Is Batman!!

Superman-v-BatmanIt looks like Man of Steel will be taking on an older and experienced Batman. It was just announced that actor director Ben Affleck will be donning the cowl of the Dark Knight in the yet to be named sequel to Warner Bros and DC Comics Man of Steel.

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SDCC Is Not Over For Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth SDCC 13When you think about SDCC you think of all the cool stuff you may see for the first time, but anyone who has already been to the Con lines are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Booths like Mattel and Hasbro have lines that require tickets now just to have the right to buy their items, but there is another booth that with each passing year has longer and longer lines. While lines can be a deterrent, when you have some cool items available for the first time at the con fans will deal with the line. In the center of the SDCC show floor Entertainment Earth has a relativity small booth, but a lot of high demand items. Continue reading “SDCC Is Not Over For Entertainment Earth” »