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John Constantine’s Voicemail?

constantine-featNeed the service of a master petty dabbler of the dark arts? Well, we just might have the right man for the job!

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Comics Korner: Arrow Season 2.5 #4

Arrow Season 2.5Even after the cannonball that went off at the end of the Arrow season 3 premiere, you will still be interested in what’s going on in Arrow Season 2.5 #4.

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PreviewsWorld New Weekly Releases for 10/15/2014

DIAMOND-LOGO-colorCheck out what is shipping to local comic shops from Diamond Comics.

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First Trailer From Playstation’s Powers

Powers Poster

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Comics Korner: Army of Darkness Convention Invasion One-Shot

AOD Convention Invasion Featured
Ashley J Williams has faced the Army of the Dead, a bad version of himself, and even the very incarnation of evil itself, but how will he fare when he comes face to face with his greatest challenge yet? His own fans.

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Comics Korner: Dead Squad #1

Dead Squad featuredAn over the top action/sci-fi from television writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia? Did IDW hit the jackpot?

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Comics Korner: The Memory Collectors TPB

The Memory Collectors featured

The most important lesson that I can impart to the next generation is that you can not trust a person that does not use contractions; especially if they are a memory-vampire hunting fetish model with a sword.

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Deadpool Will Be Part of the X-Men Movie Universe

Deadpool movieDeadpool movie confirmed to tie in to Fox’s X-Men movie franchise.

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Comics Korner: The Flash Season Zero #3

The Flash Season ZeroFlash Season Season Zero #3 might just be your reason to give this series a second chance.

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Comics Korner: The October Faction #1

The October Faction featuredWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than the horror that is the every day life of the Allen family?

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