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Unfinished Business for X in Issue # 5

X 5 topCan a recovering X with Ferguson take on the Acctountant and the Mothers?

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Dark Horse Gives Life to HALO’S Initiative

Halo Initiation 2 topHalo Initiative #2 gives fans of the world of Halo a look at the making of Spartan and all the action of a sci-fi heist movie wrapped up in a comic book. Continue reading “Dark Horse Gives Life to HALO’S Initiative” »

Keep Calm and Call Affleck

Batfleck1Affleck wasn’t even on my list of guys I wanted to see as Batman, but after he was announced I was okay with it.

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Matty Collector Kills The DC Universe

DC Infinte Earths SDCC 13 Kastor's KornerFor the past couple of weeks since SDCC I have been waiting to see if this year’s DCU Club Infinite Earths subscription would pull through and go forward. Well on the Friday before the final day it was at 51% and looking like it wasn’t going to make it, and honestly many DC fans knew it. Seemed as if many of us were tired of Mattel and Toy Guru’s crap meter, constant babbling on things are getting better, to stop dwelling on the past, and the “sub or die” wording.

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