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Luke Skywalker Through The Trilogy

A lot of us grew up watching Luke go from a whiney farm kid to a full fledged Jedi, and this year Hasbro captured some of the unique looks of the hero in this Vintage box set. So let’s open the set they sent over and see how he has changed. Continue reading “Luke Skywalker Through The Trilogy” »

NYCC 2019- All Around The Show

We did not have a lot of time to walk around NYCC this year, but we made the most of the time to look at our favorite toys and companies. Continue reading “NYCC 2019- All Around The Show” »

Boba Fett….. Where?

SDCC is the time of the year for exclusives, so it seems fitting that the first figure of the Black Series line is being brought back once again. So Hasbro sent over Boba Fett to give you a close look.  Continue reading “Boba Fett….. Where?” »

Kornercast Podcast #60 SDCC Hasbro Marvel Team Interview

This week we wrap up our SDCC coverage and articles with the Hasbro Marvel Team.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #60 SDCC Hasbro Marvel Team Interview” »

SDCC 2019- Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select had a good showing this year at SDCC, with new figures like the Rocketeer and more statues that will only make us all wonder where we put it all.  Continue reading “SDCC 2019- Diamond Select Toys” »

SDCC 2019- Mattel Brings Dinos, WWE, Masters, and Wraps Multiverse

For some of us our time with Mattel is ending while others things have never looked brighter considering all the new items shown off at SDCC. Continue reading “SDCC 2019- Mattel Brings Dinos, WWE, Masters, and Wraps Multiverse” »

Kornercast Podcast #59 SDCC Star Wars Interview with Sam and Sarah

At SDCC we got some one on one time with part of the Hasbro Star Wars team to talk toys and the landscape of retail for the brand.
Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #59 SDCC Star Wars Interview with Sam and Sarah” »

Kornercast Podcast #58 SDCC Transformers Interview with John Warden

There is no doubt the biggest thing at SDCC was the new Haslab project, Unicron, but there was a lot more to see and talk about with John Warden in the Transformers section of the the Hasbro Booth.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #58 SDCC Transformers Interview with John Warden” »

SDCC 2019- The NECA Booth

NECA once again wins SDCC with one of the busiest booths of the show, only rivaled by one other in my opinion , Hasbro.  Continue reading “SDCC 2019- The NECA Booth” »

SDCC 2019- Mezco Booth Report

Mezco once again impressed collectors at SDCC with in-person looks as some things teased at Toy Fair.  Continue reading “SDCC 2019- Mezco Booth Report” »

SDCC 2019- DC Collectibles Display

Tucked in with the WB compound of a booth at SDCC has a range of collectibles for the DC Fans.  Continue reading “SDCC 2019- DC Collectibles Display” »

SDCC 2019- Kotobukiya Round Up

More Marvel! More DC! More Star Wars! that is what is sure to bring more fans to the Kotobukiya booth at SDCC this year! Continue reading “SDCC 2019- Kotobukiya Round Up” »

SDCC 19- Picard Captains A New Ship

The retired captain of the USS Enterprise is set to return to the stars in this new trailer for SDCC. Continue reading “SDCC 19- Picard Captains A New Ship” »

SDCC 2019- Impractical Jokers Talk Updates At Comic Con

We got a chance to sit down and talk with the Impractical Jokers at SDCC, and it was one of the most fun press rooms I have been in since starting the website.  Continue reading “SDCC 2019- Impractical Jokers Talk Updates At Comic Con” »

SDCC Means Lots Of Trailers

SDCC is the time for a lot of new trailers and so far we have some impressive things to look forward to in the next year.  Continue reading “SDCC Means Lots Of Trailers” »