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Toy Fair 2018- Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya brought the brands we all know and love. DC, Marvel, Star Wars, horror; it’s a geek’s paradise. From cookware to charms, there’s something for everyone. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Kotobukiya” »

Toy Fair 2018- Playmates Toys

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Ben 10, to Voltron, Playmates Toys has a little something for everyone at Toy Fair. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Playmates Toys” »

Toy Fair 2018- Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys is always a highlight at the shows, and this year was no exception.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Diamond Select Toys” »

Toy Fair 2018- Mezco Toys

Causing quite a stir with their Toy Fair exclusive Batman One:12 figure, Mezco kicked off the show with a bang. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Mezco Toys” »

Toy Fair 2018- LEGO

There is no doubt one of the biggest events of the weekend was the LEGO preview, but it was clear this might be a lean year for LEGO collectors.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- LEGO” »

Toy Fair 2018- I am Elemental

One of the fun booths to stop and look at during Toy Fair is the I Am Elemental booth, fun toys with a great message.

Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- I am Elemental” »

Toy Fair 2018- Dark Horse

We took a look around the Dark Horse booth at Toy Fair and there was a lot for Game of Thrones fans. Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Dark Horse” »

Toy Fair 2018- Playmobil Is The Total Package

One line that grows with kids is Playmobil, and this year at Toy Fair they showed off not only the expansion of Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon, but also all the playscapes to create a whole world.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Playmobil Is The Total Package” »

Toy Fair 2018- QMX Keeps The Heroes Coming

At Toy Fair QMx delivered more mini statues and a few 1/6 scale figures.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- QMX Keeps The Heroes Coming” »

Toy Fair 2018- Funko Expands With Even More In 2018

There is no doubt Funko is everywhere, and when you think the bubble will pop they put out even more. From POP, to Dorbz, to action figures there is something for everyone from Funko! Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- Funko Expands With Even More In 2018” »

Toy Fair 2018- NECA

NECA continues to put out some of the best sculpted figure on the market today, and at Toy Fair we got to see some of the exciting things for 2018.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018- NECA” »

Toy Fair 2018 Jakks Pacific

One of the busier booths at Toy Fair was Jakks Pacific, with not only a lot of Nintendo items but also The Incredibles.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018 Jakks Pacific” »

Toy Fair 2018: Mattel Round Up

This year Mattel invited the press to take a look at their collector lines at Toy Fair, showing off what’s to come for the start of 2018.  Continue reading “Toy Fair 2018: Mattel Round Up” »

Toy Fair Live With The Newsbox

It’s been a great first day at Toy Fair 2018, and we had a few mins to have some fun with our favorite Philly boy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Jman, live from the Javits Center.  Continue reading “Toy Fair Live With The Newsbox” »

The Pre Toy Fair Kornercast

The Kornercast PodcastWe are in New York and ready for our first day of Toy Fair 2018! Continue reading “The Pre Toy Fair Kornercast” »