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Custom Korner: The Avengers SHIELD Agents

This week, we pay tribute to the unsung heroes of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe– SHIELD agents Phil Coulson and Maria Hill!

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Custom Korner: DCUC Super Powers Kalibak

With Mattel finally releasing the Super Powers colors Penguin in their new Batman Unlimited line, it’s time to spruce up that Kalibak and make him a better fit to complete the new take on the legendary Kenner line.

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Custom Korner: GI Joe Duke & Stalker… Sideshow Style

Scaled-down versions of two of my favorite Sideshow 1/6 scale figures.

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Custom Korner: Marvel Universe Valkyrie

It took years before Valkyrie finally got an action figure, but she’s still missing from the 3.75″ Marvel Universe… I thought it was time to address that.

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Custom Korner: Red Sonja

I don’t tend to do commissions, but I’ve customized a fair share of gifts for friends over the years.  That’s how this 6″, Marvel Legends-style Red Sonja came to be.

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Custom Korner: Marvel Universe Jubilee

Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Jubilee had some good stuff going for her, but her modern look can’t hold a candle to her 90’s X-Men style, so I fixed that.

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