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Breaking Bad In 8 Minutes

breakingbad finale featFor fans of the amazing series Breaking Bad this tribute video sums up the series perfectly.

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Becoming a Minimate Collector

Jay and Silent Bob Minimates Kastor's KornerI have known about Minimates for as long as they have been around, but it was not until this year that I found my desk covered in them. What drew me in? Well that is a long story… Continue reading “Becoming a Minimate Collector” »

Could Indiana Jones Be The Next James Bond?

Raiders of the Lost Ark posterThe one constant thing about James Bond is he will always change with the times, so can a hero like Indiana Jones change too?

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Heroes is Returning To NBC!?!?

heroes-rebornThis weekend NBC announced they would be bring back Heroes for a miniseries, but no real details have come out about Heroes Reborn. So why are they bring it back? And does anyone really still care?

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The Superman/Batman Film Cast Grows

Alfred LexIt looks like there are two new cast members for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. One has fans excited the other has them upset. So who has been cast to play Lex Luthor and Alfred?

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TV Korner: Breaking Bad- A Perfect End

Breaking Bad 516 Kastor's KornerA series full of ups and downs, crafting a near perfect 6 year run, Breaking Bad came to an end this week. All the puzzle pieces over the 2 years finally all came together and Walt pulled off one of the most amazing plans in the entire series.

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Will Breaking Bad Live Up to the Hype?

breaking-bad-featEvery series finale has the problem of living up to whole series. Fans expect the finale to be better than the other 50 or 100 episodes that came before it. So with Breaking Bad ending tonight, can it live up to the last six years worth of twists and turns?

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Is Superman Still A Hero?

Man of Steel Kastor's KornerThere are a few things in the comic book world that seem absolute; Batman does not use a gun, Uncle Ben stays dead, and Superman does not kill. Recently those absolutes lost their power, and comic fans are upset.

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Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

In a collector’s life there are times when you give up part of your collection. It can be for various reasons, but whatever they are, it is always a hard choice to make.

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Will the Dark Knight Rise to the Occasion?


A thirteen minute preview for the Dark Knight Rises showed up this week on YouTube. The featurette gives glimpses at new scenes from the movie and some information on the plot. Is this new look at the movie enough to raise the excitement for the final installment of the Batman trilogy? Continue reading “Will the Dark Knight Rise to the Occasion?” »