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Custom Korner: Billy From Predator

billy-predator-featThe Predator project continues, as a new warrior joins the ranks of Dutch and Dillon.

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Summer Movie Scorecard: Part Two

fireworksThe Summer movie season is in full swing, and we’ve seen a healthy mix of solid hits and big misses.  July 4th marked the middle of the season, so let’s look at how this year’s blockbusters measure up so far.

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Mattel Spits In The Eye Of MOTU Fans

clamp champ featMattel flaunts their fantastic MOTU Clamp Champ… and reveals that he’s for Club Eternia subscribers only.

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Hasbro’s 2013 Comic Con Exclusive Lineup


Hasbro has assembled a very diverse– and pricey– assortment of 2013 Comic Con exclusives.

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Custom Korner: Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Gets A Lift

DMTM-featBif Bang Pow’s off scale (but still very nice) Dr. Mrs. The Monarch action figure just needs a quick fix to fit right in the the Venture Bros. toy universe.

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Custom Korner: Dillon From Predator

custom-dillon-featIt’s still up in the air if NECA will be adding recruits to Dutch’s team in their Predator line, so I decided to make them myself– let’s start with Carl Weathers’ Dillon!

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Custom Korner: Fixing Nick Fury

custom fury featOne of the hardest to find figures in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe is Nick Fury, but now that he’s back on the market it’s time to swap him into the ultimate super spy.

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The Subversive IRON-MAN THREE

ironman3Marvel’s latest installment in the Iron-Man series is a joy to watch, with thrills and a sense of fun that transports you… but it also features a fascinating subversive streak that stays with you long after the credits roll.

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Custom Korner: Marvel Universe Generation X Box Set (CustomCon 34)

gen-x-featheader goes here

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Mattel 2013 Subscriptions Are Back On Sale

mattel-subs-featMissed the signup for Matty Collector’s 2013 subscriptions? You’ve got another chance to jump on board until April 30th.

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Thoughts On GI Joe Con 2013

joe con 2013 featGI Joe Con 2013 took place this weekend in Indianapolis, and while Hasbro had little to show the GI Joe Collector’s Club seems to have stepped up their game considerably.

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Get Your Borg On For Star Trek ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’

star-trek-best-of-both-worlOne of THE definitive tales in Star Trek: The Next Generation is getting the big screen treatment this April… and you can turn yourself into a Borg drone to celebrate!

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Custom Korner: CustomCon 34 Is Accepting Submissions

customcon-34-featCustomCon 34 is accepting submissions between now and April 1st, so get cracking on those custom action figures!

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School of Thrones Is The Perfect ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoof

school-of-thrones-feat-kastWelcome to Westeros Valley High School.
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Custom Korner: G.I. Joe Operation: Kino

It’s almost time for the Spring Custom Con, and in the spirit of the season I wanted to show off my abandoned plan for last Fall’s virtual show… a movie-based GI Joe line called Operation: Kino.

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