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Marvel Legends And Beyond At Hascon

The whole Hasbro Marvel team talked Marvel and whats coming down the line for Marvel Legends fans at the first Hascon. Continue reading “Marvel Legends And Beyond At Hascon” »

Back To The 80’s With Transformers Team At Hascon

There is no doubt a return to a collectors market with the Transformers line, and the Hasbro Transformers team talked all about what lead to this trend.  Continue reading “Back To The 80’s With Transformers Team At Hascon” »

Catching Up With Guys Behind Hasbro Star Wars Toys

We had the chance to talk to the guys behind the Star Wars lines at SDCC and find out how the line has changed and grown over the years.  Continue reading “Catching Up With Guys Behind Hasbro Star Wars Toys” »

Transformers Is Ready For The Primes

Transformers is about to wrap up year 3 with Power of the Primes with the return of Rodimus Prime, finally being part of the Generations lineup.  Continue reading “Transformers Is Ready For The Primes” »

Talking Marvel Legends With Hasbro’s Dwight Stall

After all the SDCC reveals we had a chance to talk with Senior Design Manger for Hasbro Marvel Legends, Dwight Stall, to talk about the future of the line.  Continue reading “Talking Marvel Legends With Hasbro’s Dwight Stall” »

The Kornercast- The Walking Dead Edition

The Kornercast PodcastBill and I sat down to talk about the season 7 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Continue reading “The Kornercast- The Walking Dead Edition” »

The Kornercast: The Toy Fair Edition

The Kornercast PodcastDuring the busy weekend of Toy Fair we had some time to do a quick podcast.

Continue reading “The Kornercast: The Toy Fair Edition” »

The Kornercast 21- Marc Guggenheim Returns

The Kornercast PodcastThis week Marc Guggenheim executive producer of the hit CW show Arrow joins us to talk about the show, writing a novel, and Comic Con.

Continue reading “The Kornercast 21- Marc Guggenheim Returns” »

The Kornercast Episode 20- Secret Korner Origins

The Kornercast PodcastThis week the man behind all the posts, Bill Sencio, sits down to talk about how we turned a very small blog into the site you visit today.

Continue reading “The Kornercast Episode 20- Secret Korner Origins” »

The Kornercast Episode 19- The Improbablecast

The Kornercast PodcastThis week on the Kornercast long time friend and creator Ahren Gauthier joins us to talk toy and statue making.

Continue reading “The Kornercast Episode 19- The Improbablecast” »