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Kornercast Podcast #50 The Lost Episode With Giancarlo

The Kornercast Podcast

There is one podcast that was lost in the vault but we found it and it is a throwback! Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #50 The Lost Episode With Giancarlo” »

Kornercast Podcast #49 Live From Long Island It’s DJ

The Kornercast PodcastI took the long ride through New York for a TV and an Podcast with DJ.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #49 Live From Long Island It’s DJ” »

Kornercast Podcast #48 Mike Joins Us To Talk Star Wars

The Kornercast PodcastMike and Kelly went to Star Wars Celebration this year, and Mike came over to talk all about it on this week’s Podcast. Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #48 Mike Joins Us To Talk Star Wars” »

Kornercast Podcast #47 After Endgame

The Kornercast PodcastThis is a true SPOILER podcast for Avengers Endgame so once you hit play beware. Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #47 After Endgame” »

Kornercast Podcast # 46 Pre Avengers Endgame

The Kornercast Podcast

We are in the Endgame, with only a few hours left I decided to do a solo podcast.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast # 46 Pre Avengers Endgame” »

Kornercast Podcast #45 Introducing Jay

The Kornercast PodcastI took Jay to NYCC to meet Captain Kirk and he is rebuilding a 70’s VW Bug… What more can I say? Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #45 Introducing Jay” »

Kornercast Podcast #44 Jr Talks Wrestlemania

The Kornercast PodcastWe finally got Jr to sit down and talk on the Kornercast Podcast! Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #44 Jr Talks Wrestlemania” »

Kornercast #43 Pharoah Bolding

The Kornercast PodcastThis week long time website friend and writer Pharoah Bolding joined us on the Kornercast Podcast.

Continue reading “Kornercast #43 Pharoah Bolding” »

Kornercast Podcast #42 Jay Q Returns

The Kornercast PodcastIt has been a while since we have talked to Jay Q, and it was a great conversation about comics and Captain Marvel’s girl power.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #42 Jay Q Returns” »

Kornercast #41- Aqua Drakes

This week’s podcast was one of my favorites I have done so far. Aqua Drakes from Good Morning, Geeks!, and Blerd Trek sat down with us to talk about all things Geek.  Continue reading “Kornercast #41- Aqua Drakes” »

Kornercast- Captain Marvel Has Been Paged

The Kornercast PodcastWith Captain Marvel in theaters this week how could we not talk about it. Bill sat down and talked all about the film, so beware spoilers are in the audio.  Continue reading “Kornercast- Captain Marvel Has Been Paged” »

Kornercast Gets A Visit from MU Review

The Kornercast PodcastDJ from MUReview and Litlgeeks made some time to talk geek with us this week on the Podcast.  Continue reading “Kornercast Gets A Visit from MU Review” »

Kornercast- Our Second Look At Toy Fair 2019

Toy Fair is too big to just don one podcast on, so we did two. This time Your Friendly Neighborhood J-man talks all about missing being in on the action.  Continue reading “Kornercast- Our Second Look At Toy Fair 2019” »

Kornercast: The Post Toy Fair Dinner

Every year after an exhausting weekend at New York Toy Fair, we stop in Bridgeport at Tomlinsons for an amazing dinner to talk toys, and this year we brought the recorder so you could join us.  Continue reading “Kornercast: The Post Toy Fair Dinner” »

Kornercast: Paging Captain Marvel

Bill and I saw the new LEGO movie and then sat down with our Captain Marvel Box and talked toys, movies and Toy Fair. Continue reading “Kornercast: Paging Captain Marvel” »