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Captain Action Is Back And Better Than Ever

The new Captain Action series is an incredible update to the classic toy line, blending the retro feel of the original with strong, modern day toy design.  Captain Action is back, and better than ever!

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G.I. Joe Club Subscription Kicks Off With Two Ninjas

The GI Joe Club has officially launched their Subscription Service!  The figures in this set will be shipping two per month for the next six months, and the first two new recruits are a pair of ninjas– Jinx and Cobra ninja Dice.

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Time to Shred, TMNT Style!

The Shredder is trying to make some turtle soup and thanks to his new Lego cycle he just might succeed. Continue reading “Time to Shred, TMNT Style!” »

Finally, Gotham Villains Unite!

Once it was clear that Mattel had no plans of making a unified DC Cassics line, it was much easier to pick and choose what figures to buy. The release of the Batman Unlimited line has given me one of the final pieces to my collection, the Penguin. Continue reading “Finally, Gotham Villains Unite!” »

Don’t Panic: Marvel Legends Wave 3 Variants Are Still Coming

Despite expected online doom and gloom, Hasbro confirmed the four variants that have yet to surface from Marvel Legends Wave 3 are still on the way.

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Lego Goes Back to the Future

Lego is taking on one of the most famous movies of all time, Back to the Future. How deep into the franchise will they go?

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The Four Horsemen Are Bringing Back The Power Lords (!?!)

Well, that certainly came out of nowhere!

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Tis The Season To Be An Ewok

Star Wars figures have always been a hard sell for me over the years. Star Wars was part of my childhood, and the toys were some of the first ones I hunted down with my mom. As I got older and the lines were relaunched in the late 90’s I jumped in but my interests changed and I stopped collecting after Episode One. Continue reading “Tis The Season To Be An Ewok” »

Kotobukiya’s Awesome New Trigun Wolfwood Statue

Kotobukiya has revealed the second statue in their ARTFX Trigun series, and it’s great.

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Django Unchained Retro Figures Revealed

NECA’s retro-style Django Unchained figures have been revealed– and they look rad.

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