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Frosta Is Left Out In The Cold

October provided MOTUC fans with three new additions to the ranks, and a fantastic new array of weapons from the Great Unrest weapons pack. Princess of Power fans will have a heavy hitter joining the Great Rebellion with Ice Empress Frosta. Between her and new additions to the ranks of the Horde and the Snake Men, it seemed like October would be a surefire win… until Mattel Design’s Ruben Martinez got his hands on them. There were constraints placed upon Mattel to stretch resources to cost out three $20 action figures, and logistically, they failed on all fronts, most dramatically with Frosta.
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Castle Grayskull: It’s Happening

Mattel has hit their number and will be moving forward with the all-new He-Man dream house.

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Hasbro Unmasks Spider-Man With New Legends Exclusive

The Amazing Spider-Man Legends gets a fourth figure, and while it’s a great concept, the newly unmasked Peter Parker suffers under some design shortfalls.
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Cy-Chop Should Have Been A Strong Addition To The Horde

The Horde get a new member in Kronis’ partner-in-crime Cy-Chop, the fifth figure in Mattel’s 30th Anniversary collection, which has delivered figures ranging from the amazing Draego-Man to the much-lambasted Mighty Spector. How does Cy-Chop compare to his fellow 30th Anniversary Masters? Read on to find out.
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Kotobukiya’s Killing Joke Statue Looks Amazing

Kotobukiya offers a closer look at their incredible new Killing Joke statue.

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Don’t Make Skeletor Beg

The day is here for Mattel’s Castle Grayskull preorder, and a very special guest star is urging you to place your order before the deadline.

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Why I Hope Disney Really Is Buying Hasbro

Rumors are circulating that Disney is considering the purchase of Hasbro, and I think that could be a great move for both companies.

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NECA “Engineers” Two Excellent Prometheus Toys

NECA releases the first two figures from their Prometheus series, including two versions of the Engineers that are every bit as well-realized as the film’s stunning visuals.

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Mattel Makes One Last Big Push For Castle Grayskull

There’s only a few days until Mattel’s production goal deadline for the proposed Castle Grayskull, and they’re making one last push to make the epically-proportioned playset a reality.

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General Rattlor Is Ready To Strike

The Snake Men gains their general, Rattlor as part of this month’s Club Eternia subscription, but while he looks amazing, the former Snake Man is marred by poor logistic concerns, like his two fellow October figures.
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