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Minimates Bring Axis to Collectors

Marvel Axis Minimates Kastors KornerGood is bad and bad is good in the world of Marvel Axis, and Diamond Select Toys wave of minimates include the big names from the Marvel story line. Continue reading “Minimates Bring Axis to Collectors” »

The One and Only Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Kastors KornerSince her introduction Harley Quinn has been a fanboy’s dream. She is a badgirl, but a little crazy and sometimes good.  Continue reading “The One and Only Harley Quinn” »

Thanos Takes on the Avengers

Avenjet Space Mission Kastors KornerWe should be seeing more of the Mad Titan Thanos over the next few years, but LEGO was able to sneak in a comic version before the movie versions fill the sets.  Continue reading “Thanos Takes on the Avengers” »

Review: Aliens Minimates Toys R Us Series 2

Aliens-Minimates-TRU-featJust in time for #AlienDay426, Diamond Select deploys three new sets of Alien Minimates to Toys R Us stores.

Continue reading “Review: Aliens Minimates Toys R Us Series 2” »

Dark Horse Brings Four New Players To The Game Of Thrones

Game-of-Thrones-Dark-Horse-Jon Snow’s favorite Wildling, Daenerys’ general, Tyrion’s champion, and everyone’s favorite royal widow join the Game of Thrones figure collection from Dark Horse.

Continue reading “Dark Horse Brings Four New Players To The Game Of Thrones” »

The Iron Throne Goes Crystal!

iron-throne-dark-horse-featDark Horse’s 3D Crystal Iron Throne is one of the coolest Game of Thrones collectibles you’re likely to find.

Continue reading “The Iron Throne Goes Crystal!” »

Sky Lynx Comes To The Combiner Wars

Sky Lynx Kastors KornerSky Lynx the dino-cat from the 80’s is back in Transformers Combiners Wars. He is a little smaller but still cool to add to the Classics/Generations line. Continue reading “Sky Lynx Comes To The Combiner Wars” »

To The Gotham Sewers!

Killer Croc Animated Kastors KornerKiller Croc is attacking the New Adventures Dynamic Duo in the DC Collectibles line.  Continue reading “To The Gotham Sewers!” »

The Suicide Squad Takes On LEGO Batman

Gotham Cycle Chase Kastors KornerAlthough we won’t get any official Suicide Squad LEGO sets this summer, this will fill the void when Batman chases down Harley Quinn and Deadshot.  Continue reading “The Suicide Squad Takes On LEGO Batman” »

Star Wars Black Series Unleashes Some Popular Rebels

Kastors Korner SW BlackIf you are a fan of the cartoon Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD, then these two new releases from Hasbro’s Black Series line are no strangers to you. Enter Kanan and Ahsoka in 6 inch action figure glory! Continue reading “Star Wars Black Series Unleashes Some Popular Rebels” »