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A Tale Of Two Spideys

The latest waves of Marvel Universe continue the long tradition of figure variants, specifically two weird and welcome new versions of Spider-Man.

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May Stunk For Masters Of The Universe

May has come and gone, and among Mattycollector’s offering’s that month, the least anticipated one came off the one best-executed. Evil warrior Stinkor was pushed back to May to accompany New Adventures’ goon squad member Slush Head, Scott Neitlich’s original 30th Anniversary creation The Mighty Spector, and the Snake Mountain display stands. Each displayed both flashes of brilliance and bewildering design choices, but in this robust month of figures, it’s nice to see a bit of variety thrown our way.

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Bubbles Are Carried Off By A Swiftwind

Since He-Man has Battle Cat, it’s only natural for She-Ra to have her trusty steed Swift Wind. But unlike He-Man, she had a bigger obstacle than a lack of stirrups. Needing a new She-Ra to sit on her winged unicorn, we were given the quarterly variant Bubble Power She-Ra. Would she sit? Does Swift Wind give 6” fans a great articulated horse? One really has to look at these two as a matched set, and a set they need to be, because they are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

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Who Knew Spikor Would Be One MOTU’s Best?

Spikor is a very peripheral character for me. I never owned the original, nor was I even interested in the toy. This made his Classics figure a special surprise for me, given his blank slate status– beneath this spiny purple exterior is an interesting backstory, a unique specialty among the evil warriors, and just the right amount of accessories. Spikor is a toy that really stretched the $20 budget in exactly the right ways. He was not without flaws, however, but the issues he had went beyond this July’s MOTUC addition.
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The Stars Don’t Align in the Masters of the Universe

The Star Sisters arrived, and in my review, I will be taking a different approach than normal. I would point out the limitations and weigh the pros and cons, but these girls come with quite a few strikes already. These girls are She-Ra Princess of Power concept characters, and were released in January as a $66 box set. In a line where some folks finally warmed up to the idea of having noteworthy additions such as Frosta, Castaspella, and Glimmer in their collections, three Z-Listers in a costly set wearing garish colors not resembling their actual toy prototypes, with very little in the way of real accessories, moved to the front of the line.

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Avengers Wave Four Is A Solid Close To The Line

Hasbro releases their fourth– and final– wave of figures from The Avengers, bringing an updated Iron-Man, a single-carded Chitauri and a new Nick Fury. It’s a solid wave to round out the main movie cast, but it leaves the collection feeling too small for the biggest movie of the year.

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Lions, Snakes, and The Horde Oh My….Pt 3

The Griffin rounds out the June offerings in a big way. He is Battle Cat’s body, with a new head, tail, bird-like hind feet, saddle, and upper body piece that houses Swift Wind’s flying wings. With quite a bit of lead time in front of them, fans lobbied for his wings to not be completely one color, as seen on the original prototype.

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Lions, Snakes, and The Horde Oh My….Pt 2

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Lions, Snakes, and The Horde Oh My….Pt 1

For Masters of the Universe Classics, June has provided us with three first-time action figures for Snake Man-At-Arms, galactic overlord Horde Prime, and Beast-Man’s resilient griffin beasts. While the selection may be comprised of niche characters and variants with more reused tooling than we’d like, I personally enjoy the spirit of these characters and the winning final representation of the collaboration between the company and the consumer.  Continue reading “Lions, Snakes, and The Horde Oh My….Pt 1” »

Amazing Spider-Man Legends Are Worth Checking Out

The Amazing Spider-Man gets a Legends series that’s, well, Amazing.  Or is it Legendary?

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