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Diamond Select Toys Dives Into Kingdom Hearts

We have been waiting for good Kingdom Hearts figure about as long as we have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III, and Diamond Select Toys finally has delivered them.

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Disney Opens the Toybox

The Disney Toybox lines finally gives collectors articulated versions of the amazing Disney Infinity designs.

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Mohawk Returns To NECA’s Gremlins Collection

The meanest Gremlin is back to menace your toy collection, thanks to NECA.

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FIRST LOOK: Katana Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

DC’s most iconic samurai superhero joins Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo Collection.

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Marvel Legends Expands Thor’s Comic World

 Hasbro and Marvel know how to make SDCC exclusives with just the right amount of exclusivity and repacks. This Thor set is a great mix of big names and lesser know comic characters.
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Muppet Monday- It’s Time To Let The Animal Out

There is no doubt the everyone needs to own an Animal, and when this Muppet comes with his own complete drum set how can anyone pass? Continue reading “Muppet Monday- It’s Time To Let The Animal Out” »

Minimate Monday- Catching Up With The Walgreens Waves

Walgreen’s Animated Minimate wave 5 came out right before SDCC, and somehow it got lost in the shuffle. So it’s time to take a look at this wave, that fills an itch for come collectors with some much needed harder to find characters.  Continue reading “Minimate Monday- Catching Up With The Walgreens Waves” »

Let the Star Wars LEGO Brickheadz begin

Yes I know Finn and Phasma Brickheadz have been at Toys R Us for a few weeks, but Today the Target exclusive Rey and Kylo packs arrived. Continue reading “Let the Star Wars LEGO Brickheadz begin” »

IDW Captures That 80’s Feeling

There is no doubt that the 80’s is alive in toys today, and Hasbro is making sure that everyone remembers MASK and the Visionaries.  Continue reading “IDW Captures That 80’s Feeling” »

A Tale of Two Speeders

Since Bill talked about the 3.75 figure pack in figures, why not talk about the 6 inch Black Series figures too!
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