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Two Flashes are better than one, in the Flash’s newest trailer.


Barry and Wally are one in the same for the “Run Devil Run” Teaser of The Flash’s third season premiere.

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The Fall CW/DC Posters are here!


In just a few short weeks, DC returns to the CW.  To commemorate the occasion, they’ve released new posters for each of the new seasons of Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and newcomer Supergirl.

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The Walking Dead Enters The Kingdom

twd-7In the newest commercial for season 7 of The Walking Dead we get a glimpse at Ezekiel’s Kingdom, and a little Morgan and Tara action.
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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Chasing A Ghost Rider

agents-of-shield-401In the season four opener the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are tracking Daisy, who is tracking the Ghost Rider, who is tracking some gun runners.  Continue reading “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Chasing A Ghost Rider” »

Who Is Luke Cage?

cageThe newest Luke Cage preview from Netflix talk about the hero and his motivation for becoming a hero in the Marvel world.  Continue reading “Who Is Luke Cage?” »

Gotham Is A Mad City

gotham-301Gotham returned to Fox tonight, catching up on the status quo and introducing some new characters for season 3. Continue reading “Gotham Is A Mad City” »

Superman Takes To The Skies

supergirlThe CW just released the first video of Tyler Hoechlin in action as Superman in season 2 of Supergirl.  Continue reading “Superman Takes To The Skies” »

Arrow’s newest trailer shows the series getting back to the basics.

arrow banner

Arrow’s fifth season is making the old new again.

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Netflix Luke Cage and Kingpin Updates

cageWith the premiere of Luke Cage coming up in a couple of weeks the Netflix show gets two new posters and an update on Kingpin.  Continue reading “Netflix Luke Cage and Kingpin Updates” »

Constantine: The Complete Series Comes To Blu-ray

constantineThis Fall Warner Archive Collections brings Constantine to Blu-ray this fall.  Continue reading “Constantine: The Complete Series Comes To Blu-ray” »