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Diamond Select Toys Dives Into Kingdom Hearts

Into the Shadows

Axel and his minions are a great addition to the line. Packing the Shadows and Soldiers into the sets was also a great idea. It gave collectors an instant way to build little armies of villains. The Shadows and Soldiers have limited articulation, but have the great sculpting you have come to expect from DST. Axel looks just like his game design, but the coat destroys his articulation. In the game he looks very dynamic, but other than what you see in the pictures there is not much more to his poses. His large weapons look great, but there is no grip for him, so it takes a little balancing to make him hold them just right. Even with the issues, he is one of the better looking figures in the line, the colors are striking and the paint is precise. Dusk on the other hand has a lot of movement points, but his overall design does not allow for a stable figure. Thankfully DST included a stand, so you can pose this creepy creature.

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