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Diamond Select Toys Dives Into Kingdom Hearts

King Mickey and Pluto

The King is here, and you will have to go to Walgreens and the other stores to get both of his Keyblades, and Pluto. The Walgreens Mickey comes with a standard Keyblade, but this version comes with Pluto. The pup can’t move much, but as a pack in figure he is perfect. This set has also been harder to find, mostly because it is the exclusive figure in the Walgreens set. Mickey’s articulation is impressive for his size, and the sculpting is on par with some of the import versions of the character. The regular Mickey comes with the Star Seeker Keyblade. It’s nice to have a bunch of Keyblades in the line, and the Star Seeker is the best of them. I hope we see more versions in wave 2, so Sora and Mickey can collect all the tools they need to defeat the Shadows and Heartless.

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