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Disney Opens the Toybox

As a line the Toybox is a great idea, but the execution is a little lacking. You would think in this day an age we as collectors would not be forced to deal with a company’s learning curve, especially in the case of Disney. This was a surprise line that no one saw coming, and in some cases maybe it should have spent a little more time in development. The sculpting and colors are near perfect, but where the line falls apart is the the articulation and the painted details. As you can see from the pictures the figures have flaws, from lack of a wash, to pealing paint, to just plain unpainted parts. I looked at over a dozen Thor figures before I found one that had only a couple of paint flaws, and though this is the first wave in this day an age there should not be this many errors. Add to that 50% of the figures have floppy or brittle joints, and this line could be over before it even got a chance to start. Now this is not just to pile on to this line, it has been common for the first wave of figures in a line over the last few years. The problem is when the quality is not up to snuff, collectors are less likely to continue buying the line, and it eventually causes the lines to be canceled. I think the final though on this is they are marketed for kids in the Disney Store, and after a few days in the hands of kids thes figures would be broken for sure, hell I almost broke Iron Man by just moving his legs

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