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Fanboy Factor Podcast Episode 66: No More X-Men

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In this week’s show, Brian Isaacs and your friendly neighborhood jman unpack the business behind Marvel’s literal neutering of the X-Men by Terrigen mist in October’s Extraordinary X-Men

But, that’s not all.  Your favorite fanboys talk all of Dark Knight 3’s variant covers, Netflix’s recently released Jessica Jones teaser/announced, Rachael McAdams teasing her role in Dr. Strange.

Plus so much more!

You can listen to it HERE

So…what’s your factor?!?!?

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  • I have to disagree Brian. Marvel is seeing their properties done poorly and they want to make good with the fans. I get the politics about contracts and the red tape that comes with it, but Fox failed with FF and quasi failed with X-Men in the movies. No merchandise or comic push in the world would have saved the Fox/Marvel movie properties. Sony at least sees the potential and made a smart move letting Spidey into the fold.

    • Who’s fault is it that there is no merchandise? It’s not Fox because they don’t own the properties. It’s Disney/Marvel that won’t allow any licensing. But as much as dirty pool Disney/Marvel they aren’t stupid, because there is still a lot of Deadpool merchandise coming out.

  • Marvel needs to keep pushing the buttons and get back their teams.

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