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Hear the New Godzilla’s Roar

godzilla-empire-featThis is what the new Godzilla sounds like.

We’ve seen teases and hints as to the classic-inspired look of the new Godzilla, who is stomping into theaters this summer, but we have yet to hear the updated version of his iconic roar… Until now.

Much like the updated creature design, the roar is definitely familiar to the one we all know and love… even if it gets a little drawn out in this sound file.  I guess it’d be silly to post if it was just like two seconds, though, so I’m cool with it.  Yet another win in favor of Gareth Edwards’ new movie!

And speaking of the creature’s new design, Empire debuted a new cover which gives us our best look yet at the new Godzilla.  The size is good, the fins are good, the proportions are good… I’m digging it!

empire-godzillaIn a way it’s sad that we can celebrate a Godzilla that looks like Godzilla, and sounds like Godzilla.  But the last time we got a domestic version, Roland Emmerich cocked it up pretty royally.  So I totally don’t mind celebrating the little things… even if those “little things” are a 100 story tall monster who looks and sounds like he should.

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