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While The LEGO Bat Is Away The Cat Will Play

Catwoman takes on the other members of team Batman in our road to the LEGO Batman Movie. 

The one thing about these sets is no one knows how these play out in the film, will these be quick moments that flash by, or will they be major plot points. So this smaller set is one of those that makes me wonder at what point this happens in the film.

In this set Catwoman is being chased by Robin and Batgirl in an attempted robbery of a cat themed jewelry store. Missing from these sets is also the comics that help connect all the sets of the theme, so your guess is as good as mine, but I do know at some point the Cat ends up in Arkham, because there is a prison jumpsuit version of her. The mini building build reminds me of the Two-face set mixed with the original Catwoman set in year one of the new DC sets, a simple build with some fun details. The sign is clearly a cat made of diamonds, as well as a missing cat poster on the side of the building. The action feature of the set is a falling lamppost for the duo to use to capture the cat burglar.

The other build of the set is the cat-cycle. The engine details and the purple color is a nice addition to Catwoman’s rides. It is much better than the generic cycle we saw in the past, and is absent of an action features like the other vehicles have. I did make one addition to the set, there was an extra “arm” that I added to the back of the bike to hold the villain’s whip. It is much longer than the average “pods” we are used to in the Batman world, but looks good with all the other villain vehicles. This is the only set with a “suited” Catwoman, so will be no doubt one to grab and Walmart has the lowest price right now and Toys R Us the highest. Robin and Batgirl are the same as other sets, so they don’t bring a lot to the table.

Overall this is a Catwoman set, and worth it for the general collector and the completest.

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