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Loot Crate – Aliens 30th Anniversary Unboxing

6.5″ Green Variant Titans Vinyl Figure (Titan Merchandise)

Loot Crate Aliens 037

Titan Merchandise has released two vast assortments of blind boxed 3″ figures based on the Aliens universe, including the ill-fated crew of the Nostromo from Alien, and characters from Alien vs Predator.  But Loot Crate brings us an exclusive Titan vinyl figure that’s a first in two ways– the variant Xenomorph is the first 6.5″ Aliens Titan, and the first based on the Cameron movie.

This version of the Alien Warrior is cast in bright green plastic and painted with silver highlights, to emulate the creatures’ appearance when seen on the Colonial Marines night vision viewers.  It’s a clever, fun variant, and the stylized figure features the same proportions and aesthetic as the 3″ Titans, only twice the size.

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