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Loot Crate – Aliens 30th Anniversary Unboxing

Bug Stomper T-Shirt


I love the Colonial Marines from Aliens.  From major players likes Hicks, Vasquez, and Hudson, to their more minor comrades in arms like Frost, Drake or Dietrich, this crew was beyond badass, even if they were barely a match for a colony of Xenomorphs in the end. The military swagger of these characters was embodied perfectly in the decorations that adorned their uniforms, armor and weaponry, and one of the coolest pieces of art was the “Big Stomper” logo, emblazoned on the side of the cockpit of the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship.

A cartoon eagle leaps forward off a red circle backdrop with his combat boots (or sneakers, in some versions) and machine gun aimed squarely at the next threat facing the Marines, and the image makes for a very cool looking shirt.  It finds that perfect middle ground of subtlety– this is a pretty deep reference to the film– and general coolness to make this a perfectly wearable t-shirt.

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