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Loot Crate August 2016 – ‘ANTI-HERO’ Unboxing

Hellboy Coin Bank (Zak Designs)

Loot Crate 8-2016 Anti Hero 022

I don’t know if I’d really typify Hellboy as an anti-hero… despite his dubious, borne-of-hell origin, he’s actually a pretty stand-up dude.  But whatever– his inclusion here means we get a pretty awesome ceramic bank based on the Right Hand of Doom, the key to unleashing the apocalypse…. which also happens to be one of his arms.

The bank features a nicely detailed sculpt, and the use of ceramic, semi-matte paint, and a subtle black wash gives the entire piece a feel very close to Mike Mignola’s comic book design.  It’s a novel idea for a bank, too… although I wish the slot had been worked in to the angles and lines of the hand in a more organic way.

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