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Loot Crate July 2016 – ‘FUTURISTIC’ Unboxing


Loot Crate July 2016 Future 025

This might be my favorite monthly pin ever.  Not only is a fancy metal pin depicting Mr. Spock’s iconic Vulcan well-wish a truly great thing to own, bit it also offers a key to unlock a Starfleet Admiral’s Commission Pack in the Star Trek Online game.  The pack includes ships, weapons, and more in-game goods which are only available via Loot Crate.

Even Loot Crate’s shipping box gets in on the Future-themed action.  Flipping this month’s box inside out will convert it into a docking station, perfect for the Planet Express or any other futuristic ship you might choose.  It’s a perfectly relevant design, which does a great job of highlighting all this month’s swag.  I totally dig it.

Thanks to Loot Crate for giving us the opportunity to unbox the FUTURISTIC crate. You can sign up for Loot Crate by clicking HERE!

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