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Loot Crate October 2016 – ‘HORROR’ Unboxing

Leatherface Phunny (KidRobot)


I have to admit, I never thought Leatherface– the grody inbred mangler from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre– could ever, in a million years– be considered adorable.  Yet KidRobot has done the impossible with their Loot Crate exclusive Phunny plush.  Leatherface is depicted in his classic look, complete with striped shirt, black tie, and puke green smock… as well as his stitched together skin mask.  KidRobot has crafted two variants of the killer, one angry and the other happy, which have been inserted into this month’s Crate at random. I’m kinda glad I got the happy version, because– while he doesn’t make a lot of sense– he’s even cuter than his angry counterpart.

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